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Do You Know the Sources of Your Business? There are two sources that generate business, human resource or activities and financial resources or dollars you spend to generate business. You must give thought to “Why and What Benefits would it be to me, to source my business?” Look at every transac...
YOUR BUSINESS PLAN I’m sure you would agree that productivity is never an accident!  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s usually the result of a commitment to excellence, through intelligent planning and focused effort?  Here are some of the thoughts to consider as you evaluate your planning objectives...
The Essential Call for More Referrals     This article will focus on a very essential call for the success of your business. For your marketing to be consistent and successful you must combine "pipeline management" with your marketing activities. They should never be separate. Here we will be pre...
Next Building Boom Coming   The long-battered housing market is finally starting to get back on its feet. But some experts believe it could soon become another housing boom. Signs of recovery have been evident in the recent pick ups in home prices, home sales and construction. But while many econ...
First Time Buyers Want More   More first-time home shoppers say they want a house they can "grow into" not a home they can quickly grow out of. With big housing bargains and low rates, some first-time buyers have decided to go big with their home purchase and sidestep the traditional smaller "sta...
Serve or Sell Part 8 Are you only attached to the outcome? Wait a minute; you have goals, numbers, transactions, and sales volume numbers that you gotta hit!! Don’t we all? Get a clear picture of where it is you are going, and then focus on getting there in a process that is professional, ridden...
  Have a conversation. It is proven in a sales encounter there is a physiological change that takes place within a sales person due to discomfort and attachment to the outcome in most cases.   What if, your mental approach with your next prospect was an opportunity to have a discovery conversatio...
  Serve or Sell   The highest form of persuasion is through self–discovery. In addition, retention by the consumer is even greater in this space so as a side note, declaring to the consumer you are the biggest and the best vs. allowing them to self discover through their experience of you is not ...
Serve or Sell Here’s the first thing you gotta get, you are not in the real estate business, you are in the human experience business. What kind of experiences are your clients or potential customers having with you? Are you “landing deals” or “closing customers” because you are the objection han...
Serve or Sell “So how do I get past ’no’ or pushback with a buyer or seller if I am not going to ’objection’ handle?” I’ll get to that piece soon enough but it’s important that you are clear on the experience of “objection handling” for the consumer so that we can record over your antiquated prog...

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