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According to the latest real estate data from Based on August data of 2.2 million listings in 146 markets, Florida cities make up nine of the top 10 places for highest year-over-year list price spikes.   Based on August data of 2.2 million listings in 146 markets,...
CLERMONT FL MARKET UPDATE AS OF SEP 23, 2011 NUMBER OF ACTIVE LISTINGS- 416 NUMBER OF PENDING LISTINGS- 264 NUMBER OF FORECLOSURES- 34 NUMBER OF SHORT SALE LISTINGS- 323 There were 86 Sales within the past 30 days. Despite of what you might hear on the media, homes are selling. There's a high dem...
Clermont is about 18 miles to Orlando and you can now take Hartwood Marsh to 429 to Turnpike which cuts down on the driving time. Clermont homes are priced relatively lower than Winter Garden, Windermere and Orlando areas, you can get more square footage for less $$$$ money!!    Foreclosure Home-...
ARE YOU LIVING WITH YOUR TRUE SELF? Do you do things because it makes others happy or you feel that it's the right thing to do? I've struggled with this all my life but at the end of the day, I'm not pleasing anyone and most importantly, I'm not being true to myself. Have you noticed that you're ...
This is a great blog to read regarding costs associated with being a Realtor. Most think Realtors just sit around, list homes and collect money.This is a question I hear every now and then from people who have been downsized, laid off or had their hours cut. What does it take to get into real est...

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I love the Orlando area, especially around Minneola and Clermont. Let me help you find the right home or condo in the Orlando area or sell your property for as much as the market will bear.