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Last night I received an unexpected email from a long time friend named Ken Pilla.  He wrote simply to say that we were friends.  Ken practiced law for many years in Baltimore before fulfilling a life long dream to live on the Jersey shore.  I knew and respected Ken before being invited by him, i...
Through the clutter and the chatter that is cyberspace, a single thread of human connectedness resonates with indisputable clarity.  We need to somehow see beyond the scope of technology and remain forever grounded in a fundamental need to serve a purpose.  The word purpose is the new mantra for ...
I only recently learned of the Squidoo Lens during a phone conversation with Rajesh Setty.  Rajesh is a widely published author and the host of an enormously popular blog named Life Beyond Code.   It turns out that Squidoo is the brainchild of Seth Godin who wanted to create an environment that e...
I'd like to publicly thank Rich Jacobson and Mark Flanders for extending an invitation to contribute to their excellent site, SoundBiteBlog.com.  I remain humbled by the abundance of kind comments.The crux of this evening's post is a noteworthy matter that has escaped the attention of writers her...
Earlier today, Frank LLosa posted an article named, Ethical Affiliated Businesses?  Frank is visibly and rightfully concerned about the blatant abuses of RESPA by the participants in many joint ventures.  I am morally and philosophically opposed to any development that restricts free trade and co...
I posted this article on Title-opoly earler today and thought that it might be of interest to some.  Keep in mind, it's my personal opinion. Last week, First American announced the release of a new product named TitleSmart. TitleSmart equips lenders with the ability to procure a title commitment ...
WHEN ONE HUD 1 JUST ISN'T ENOUGHYou're scheduled to close tomorrow and call your title company to ask for a faxed settlement sheet.  You discover that the buyer needs $500 more than she expected or has saved.  The listing agent tells you that the seller is willing to contribute the entire amount....
I always enjoy the banter on AR about the realtor's code of ethics.  At least you have a set of rules that seem to make sense to most of you.  I want to share the code of ethics published by the American Land Title Association.  Keep in mind, the land title industry is responsible for tens of bil...
Recently, there's been a couple of posts on AR dealing with title insurance.   The title abstract (land records search) serves as the underpinning of every title policy and title opionion.  I've taken the time to compile a quick reference guide that should prove helpful to realtors and consumers ...
Do you have an owner's title policy?  It's a question I often ask groups of title executives to see their response.  Usually theres some chuckling and a little rustling in the seats.  But, its a question thats touchy and legitimate at the same time.  Doesn't everybody buy title insurance?  Isn't ...

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