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Sometimes it's easier for me to write on my outside blog than on Active Rain.  There are so many different personalities and diverse groups on this site now that I find myself holding back at times.  While politeness is always a good thing, guarded restraint definitely is not.  Hopefully, none of...
Normally, I have no problem sharing my thoughts about affiliated business, yet for some reason found it difficult to do in an Active Rain post.  I have, in fact, relentlessly denounced affiliated business in the same manner as a preacher condemning sinful acts from the pulpit. The concept of affi...
Yesterday, I wrote that Presentation Zen is one of two blogs that I presently enjoy reading.  The other is named Leading Blog - Building A Community of Leaders.  Keep in mind that my taste in business blogs is constantly evolving. While Presentation Zen inspires the unleashed creativity within, L...
Actually, I have two new favorite blogs, but I'm sharing only one of them today.  It could be said that I've learned more from a blog named Presentation Zen than any other site.   I've probably learned more from the blog than I did while in business school.  It's that good ... and informative ......
Last week, I suggested that real estate agents check up on title companies after closing to make sure that mortgages were paid off.  Why?  Title company executives have been known to "help themselves" to money held in escrow, particularly when business is bad. See: Is Your Title Company Misbehavi...
Baltimore, sometimes called "Charm City," isn't all that charming beyond the inner harbor complex that's featured by media when the Ravens or Orioles are playing at home.  Sheila Dixon, Baltimore's newly elected mayor, along with the city's council have filed suit against Wells Fargo Bank to reco...
I've been an avid reader my entire life.  One of my resolutions for the new year is to devote at least an hour each day to reading as a recreational pursuit.  Boring stuff I know, but humor me anyway.  I've gone so far, this week, to put aside whatever I happened to be working on during the busin...
Have you ever wondered about the integrity, or competency, of a title company after leaving the table?  To say that an enormous amount of money is blindly entrusted for proper dispersement is a serious understatement.  On a monthly basis, we could be talking about tens of millions of dollars gush...
Those of you who follow my posts know that I've yet to employ the ill regarded "click-through" to lure trusting souls to a remote site.   While this particular post is intended only to divert your attention elsewhere, I don't intend to duplicate the tactic anytime soon.   Allow me to explain my m...
It was about eighteen months ago that a friend of a friend called to ask if I would glance at a settlement sheet.  Chris, a busy woman executive, was scheduled to close a refinance loan the next day and sensed that something wasn't quite right after learning the amount of her new (proposed) month...

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