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When the Notary asks: “Do you Swear or Affirm…..”It’s a part of every notarization that does. It is a legal requirement in New York State for a notary to give the notary oath. And without a positive reply, it’s improper for me to put my notary seal and signature to ...
But not on Thanksgiving or Christmas !!
The Mobile Notary did Not Show for the AppointmentIn this installment I will discuss a total “no show” as opposed to being a bit late. Lateness is not good as often many people are waiting and depending on the notary to be on time. However, in my location, New York City, Manhattan; traffic is cha...
The Danger of using the Office NotaryThere are three main ways of having something notarized. The most common is to seek a notary at the bank or pharmacy. Often, the bank notary will refuse to notarize some of the more complex documents – under instructions from the bank, to avoid possibility of ...
Notarization 101 what you need to Know  I have often in my blog lamented partial notarizations, especially when the notary only stamps and signs the document. This installment from will cover in detail the proper format for a notarization done in New York State. Pro...
Notarizing your Foreign Language Document“The bank refused to notarize the document because it is written in Hungarian”, said the exasperated client to me. “No Problem” for was my reply. There is no requirement for the notary to be able to read the document, none wh...
Why you do not need me as your Mobile Notary PublicYou have a sense of adventure and a longing for travel. You like to visit banks and pharmacies hunting for the elusive Notary Public. Similar to a Postal Worker, neither wind, nor rain, nor gloom of night deters you from your quest. You know they...
The Brothel Notary It’s not exactly the phrase I would use to advertise my notary services, but I have been called “The Brothel Notary” on more than one occasion. I suppose at first reading the term can be a bit misunderstood. Perhaps a bit of explanation just might save both my reputation and ma...
Password Madness – EliminatedWe live in a world of passwords. Chances are you deal with the passwords somewhat casually. Most do. For a quarter of a century I managed computer networks, large and small. I have seen many approaches to the multiple password problem. Some try to use the same passwor...
Get the right “Apostille”An Apostille is basically an addition to a notarized (or officially issued) document – to make the item acceptable in countries other than the country of issue. The Apostille bearing document is generally of a “personal” nature; as opposed to business documents. Personal ...

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