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A Job to Lose MoneyAs notaries we often do poorly on assignments that we accept without getting the full specifications prior to quoting s fee. Sometimes things are slow and we accept a job that is just barely worth doing. Especially when factoring in expenses and putting a reasonable valuation t...
I did Not notarize thatIt’s just one more thing that we have to both worry about and guard against. I am referring to forgery of our notarization. With high resolution scanners, image manipulation software and both inkjet and laser printers; cloning notarizations has become easier. Case in point:...
Eyes on the AgentActually, they are electronic eyes. The ever present surveillance cameras are everywhere. That footage you watched on the evening news is a prime example. But, let me back up a bit, and first discuss some older technology. Pictures. On a few occasions over the years, I have been ...
When you GoofAny Vulcans or Androids reading this? As these characters on Startrek embody perfection; they have no need to read further. Oh? You’re human – then read on because as certain as death and taxes you will make a mistake when you notarize on a regular basis. Only do one notarization a y...
What they need or what they ask for?I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, never claimed to be. However, sometimes I find myself working with a very dim bulb indeed. I receive the edocs and find the bank had the first name as Matthew; title and escrow had the first name as Matt. A somewhat...
Uncommon Notary Best PracticesI know, the subject of best practices has been covered many times, but this installment will be different. I intend to cover some new ground and not rehash what you have already read. Best practices, such as looking both way prior to crossing the street; become ingra...
Securing the Notary’s PCFirst, a disclaimer. What follows is not all inclusive of the protections that I utilize, some, for obvious reasons will not be disclosed. I will cover some basic defenses. The first is the concept of a firewall. I use two. The first is the one in my router. It is configur...
Be Brief, Be Complete - The First TimeMost of us have heard the old expression about land. They’re not making any more of it, hence the value. Well, the same is true of everyone’s time. Some of my clients drive me to consider drink. I ask for name, address, phone number, date and time. I receive ...
When Good Notaries go BadThe stories you are about to hear are true, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. In truth I really don’t know the names. The sites I did check that offer illicit activities are very stealthy. Then not only omit any information about themselves on their site,...
The Joy of Saying NOA call comes in from SSS (Sleazy Signing Service) asking if I was available to do a notary job. “Yes” I reply; please tell me more. The job is “precisely” 1.3 miles from your location. It has a single “tiny” PDF. There are “about” 12 pages, and we will provide a return account...

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