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Their Signature Let’s use, as a working definition of Their Signature; “somebody's name written by him or her in a characteristic way”. Long ago, about a decade, I was often asked to provide “legible” signatures that matched the name signing. I tried that a few times, mostly with dismal failure. ...
Notary InsultsI get a call after 11PM, on a week night; someone has “about” 15 documents that they need notarized prior to 6AM. He tells me he had someone lined up, but they failed to show and were no longer reachable on their cell phone. The meeting would be “in about an hour”. I give him a reas...
Seconds for NotariesSeconds can represent a good deal. Consider a pricey coat that has some wayward stitches. Visible or on the inside, they don’t affect performance and use of the garment. The makers’ quality control people cull them aside for non-top tier vendors. What has this got to do with n...
I Don't Facebook, I Don't TweetI just don’t see either of them worth my time. Sure, many receive business leads and profit from their involvement. But, those are needles in the haystack of messages and interruptions. Voice, email and even text messages are direct, one to one communications. Frank...
A Job DeclinedAre you available for a “simple” job late tonight? Up goes my alert status. The caller used two vague take advantage of the notary words. When they say the job is simple it generally has more strings attached to it than a cat with a ball of yarn. Also, late tonight can have many def...
Fix for – Your Phone Stopped RingingTo understand why it’s not ringing you need to understand what makes it ring. Calls come from three basic origins.  Repeats, Advertising, and “where you are known”. Repeats are great, and you will have them if you did a good job for a fair price. People like to...
Are you practicing law by drawing a signature line? As usual my opening ambiguous answer: it depends. Depends on what you are probably thinking. Well IMHO it depends on where that line is to be drawn. I view items to be notarized as consisting of two sections. The document and the notary section,...

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