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Cloud Condo arrangements, very interesting write up.  Not something that I have ran across as of yet but what happens out west rolls east it seems.  Enjoy Eric Boucher's blog on the subject! How Does FHA Handle "Cloud" Condominiums? It appears that the “cloud” concept has spread wider than in the...
To Picture or not To Picture your business card, Annette has written an interesting blog on this topic, what are your thoughts on this, does it matter, does it help in your business or is your image on your card just cause everyone else has an image on theirs?How often have you had a business car...
Arms have a reputation of sort when it comes to residential mortgage finance, but before you turn the off completely take a read of Steve Roake's blog on the topic. Worth a good read.Buying a Home?  Consider using an ARM To Save Lots of MoneyLast week, (July 11, 2011) the Wall Street Journal prin...
Comments on social media well worth a read, with more than a few points to ponder.  Stephen Fells blog, The Contradiction of the Social Web is a must read! EdI'm increasingly disillusioned with Facebook. I'll take that observation a step further; I'm beginning to wonder if the use of the term 'so...
Leaping into the new year Janet provides a Blog worth a read and worth pondering.  Customer focused service is and continues to be critical in the fields of real estate sales and residential mortgage lending.  Building lasting professional relationshis is the key going into 2011 and beyond.I am t...
Peggy James-Erick's post on working with borrowers post short sale is worth a read. In today's housing market, knowledge/information can make a tremendous difference for you and your clients.So many people are under the impression that a homeowner who sells their home by short sale must wait year...
In this market with so many foreclosures on the market and fixer uppers this is excellent information provided by: Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections LLCIn the olden days the brick siding you saw on houses was structural.  There were two layers of brick, into what was tied structural members. ...
Paige Walker, Broker and Owner of Century 21 Millennium, Pineville, LA  wrote this blog of very useful infomation.    EdIn the last few years we have seen it happen, the unforeseen events that lead to your home being destroyed. Whether by natural disaster, fire, burgularly or an accident....you c...
Today, the Obama administration is staging the Conference on the Future of Housing Finance at the Treasury Department. It is going to be moderated by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan in Washington, D.C., is billed as a first step toward...
Bill Gassett on short sale transactions good solid bits of information!            Understanding Short Sale Transactions | A Guide to Short Sale Facts & Myths                                                                                                                                           ...

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