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Rates are going up, it's inevitable. In addition to the fact that rates ALWAYS go up, let's consider this....1.) We are in the midst of a "great election" ... that seems more like a reality show than the race we deserve to decide our future upon ...2.) A Future that rests in the balance. Our coun...
September 1st, 2016 - the world will once again be blessed with a wonderful celestial event ... today it is the annular solar eclipse, which happens about once every 18 months.  While we here in the US will not be able to see this beautiful event, we will likely feel the effects of it. Unlike the...
For a number of years now we have been poked, proded, urged, and nudged to us VIDEO in our business development plans. Google and Youtube are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, so, of course, each and everytime you post a (PROPERLY TAGGED) video to your Youtube Channel, your GoogleJuice cup runnith ov...
LOGOS: The Creation Process The LOGO: A Symbol used to Represent your Brand(and SO much more) In today’s world we are inundated with logos … from Apple, to Audi, to America, we are branded. An outcome of this is that some people now believe a LOGO no longer holds much weight. Others, instead have...
One "Rung" At a Time Some days are tough, they get us down. Sometimes a challenge arises that seems unsurmountable. And we get emotional. And we lose touch with our balance. Guess what ... that is AOK! What defines us in life is not THE challenges we face, but HOW we face them. So you find yourse...
Are YOU ready to Expand? I am SO very excited to share with you my BRAND NEW Logo for my Marketing Strategy Firm, “Expansion”. What do you think?  Welcome … to Expansion! We know that our thoughts create our reality, we know that we are attracting that which we emit, and we know that the physical...
Let's face it, sometimes staying motivated and invested can be a struggle. The days get busy and the nights get long and we ask ourselves … WHY DO I DO THIS? Well, that is the PERFECT question to Ask AND Answer! What is YOUR BIG WHY? Why do you do what you do? What drives you? Is it your kids? Dr...
A Lesson in Leads Haven’t we all wondered a time or two (or thirty) how best to convert our leads to customers? Check out this story for a lesson in leads and just how simple it can be to make that conversion happen! You see, a few months back we here at Williams Title Company Denver CO, decided ...
The #30DaySoldSignChallenge is sweeping the industry and going VIRAL! And this raises the question … YAY OR NAY?  Here’s how it works, for the next 30 days (starting from when you accept the challenge) you carry around a “SOLD” Rider EVERYWHERE you go! And I do mean EVERYWHERE (well, maybe not th...
 Tax Season is coming and your 2015 cleints are probably busy preparing to file! What a perfect time for YOU to reach out! We here at Williams Title Company Denver CO are thinking about how to stand out with our clients!Have you thought about pulling out the HUD settlement statements from your cl...

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