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I am writing about a subject I touched on briefly in my prior blog, the chance that RE/MAX International, a 100% privately held company, will go public.  My own feeling on this is that they intended to do so before the market crash of the past 2 years.   Let's look at the facts:A company going pu...
This is a request that members of AR get together in an effort to add new categories to the AR Blog categories that already exist.In the future, I'd like to see a categories like this: RELIGIONPOLITICSRANDOM THOUGHSPERSONAL ADVERTISING WITH JUNK ATTACHED TO MAKE IT LOOK WORTHWHILEONE OF MY RANDOM...
You ever meet people who try to push their politics or religion down your throat? Or, have to make sure that everyone on the room knows they are the most religious or most patriotic in the room.You ever meet anyone who had a huge American flag on their front lawn as well as on their truck.  You e...
CONTACT MANAGEMENT IS PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR BUSINESS AS IT KEEPS US RECEVING REPEAT BUSINESS.  As everyone knows, the best customer is a repeat customer! So, I don't want to mention what system I use now, as it might skew the responses.  My question is, could everyone who reads t...
That's the question.  I have been in the real estate industry since 1989 and a true computer nerd since 1977.  In the intervening years, I have probably tried every single contact management system there is and had varied results.  However, sooner or later I get sick of certain shortcomings and a...
The Active Rain REAL ESTATE Network is a wonderful asset to the real estate community.  However, many people seem to think it is actually a religious or political network.  There are thousands of forums available for people who want to post religious or political thoughts.  If you are interested ...
While 99.9% of brokers sell real estate in the US only, some of us have expanded our lives to sell in areas we love.  If you are a real estate agent with the skills you need to sell real estate in your area, you probably could sell real estate in another country (or state for that matter.)I choos...
I just updated my weblog with www.activeraincustomizer.com  While I need to tweak it or edit it to get it the way I want it, it's a brilliant idea. By the way - look at the post below and just try to tell me it isn't one of the best street signs you've ever seen.Then, Subcribe to my Blog!!!  Why ...
It takes a bit of a sick sense of humor to get this one.  If you like it, ad me to your blog list.  I will be posting most humorous and most interesting photos I've taken over the past 20 years.This is a real street in Queens County, New York.  What was the community board thinking?  Arlene must ...
While I mentioned a bunch in my prior post, I forgot to mention the new www.live.com which offers maps with the new 'Bird's Eye View' The camera work is unbelieveable, where it is available.  It makes Google Earth's photos look dated.  If the www.live.com bird's eye view isn't avialbel in your ar...

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