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I am about to teach some of my fellow loan officers here in my office how to use the internet.  My prime example is going to be this Activerain blog.  I am closing, next week, my first lead generated from this blog.  The many hours writing blogs, and posting, has paid off.  The borrower emailed m...
Hey all, Does anyone know if Freddie Mac has separate guidelines for SE borrowers, vs contract workers?  They are the same, correct??  Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
I have borrowers that are moving here from NH. The husband will not be working, but the wife will be when she gets here. She has a contract to start working at a hospital here in Portland, making $130,000 a year. They will have about 20% to put down, on a $550,000 or so home (estimate). Great cre...
The rate of foreclosure in the United States is really high right now. Not as high as some in the media would like us all to think, but still up there. They say foreclosures are up 57%, or something like that, and people think that the sky is falling. When one finds out that 96% of those carrying...
I am encountering a strange situation.  When I started in this business, I was told make nice with realtors, get a good one to work with, and really develop the relationship.  I did that with one realtor, but was unable to get any business generated.  I decided to branch out a little bit, and mak...
The market is doing very well right now, as are rates. If things can just stay like this for a while, my life would be so much easier. Because of the way the market is changing, and I need a way to stay in contact with my clients, I have decided to start a market update email that I will be sendi...
Let me tell you about last week.  I walked into my office on Tuesday, and the interest rates were falling like rocks.  It was amazing!  I sent out emails to a lot of my clients that were on the fence about what kind of loan they wanted, or if they really wanted to refinance.  I let them know the ...
It really is a sign of the times when an open house is scheduled, and no one shows up...even the REALTOR!!! Yesterday I did not blog, because I was gone all day trying to push my urgent care program.  Ask me about that later, if you really want to know, it's pretty cool :)  Anyways, one of my len...
Next Level Networking One of the first things I learned when I got into this business, was that going out and meeting new people was the way to create business.  I had a very, very hard time learning how to talk to people about what I do.  I knew what I was doing, but being able to sound intellig...
Good morning all! I am looking for some advice.  I am starting a new program for poor loans/loan officers.  We are rolling out a whole marketing package, with advertising, cookies, pamphlets...the whole shibang.  We are going to be targeting realtors who are looking for a new company to work with...

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