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I am in the camp that they should not extend the tax credit.  The numbers just do not support it, and I could link to articles on it.  But, I am not going to do that right now (I can send you all some if you would like). I am not trying to piss any realtors off, because they are my partners, but ...
Watching Frontline from last night. So happy that I have great friends/family/business. So many sad stories from so many different places.   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/closetohome/view/
Hey all! I just got this great email from one of my co-workers for those of us that want to appeal our property taxes.  Good info for all!   Hey, everyone.  For those of you who think your property tax bill is too high (um, all of us?!), here's a link to Multnomah County's appeal procedures.  I'v...
I have a client right now that contacted me about refinancing.  He wanted to get out of his interest only loan, a first and second.  I took a look at the situation, and I honestly do not think the value is in the home to combine the two loans.  Also, all of the costs (pre-paids/CC's) would equal ...
I just found this amazing info piece about the foreclosures in OR, and across the country.  It really makes you wonder, 'what recovery?'  So, lots of people are losing their homes, home prices seem to be stabilizing, the tax credit is about to expire, and the Fed will STOP buying mortgage soon......
I had this amazing conversation on Facebook a while ago about the tax credit.  At least, I think it is amazing :)  Let me know what you think. Bruce Lindner We're in the same boat, my friend. I'm just barely hanging on now. 01 October at 14:41 Nowlin Haltom It has been bad here but some of a tur...
Good Morning all! I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious rain :) Rates have moved up a bit this morning, but from the indicators that I am seeing, they should come down a bit later into this afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions! There are so many factors on EVERY loan that it can b...
Rates were hit hard this morning, but they have clawed back to about where we were yesterday.  Here is where we are now. There are so many factors on EVERY loan that it can be dangerous to quote. Keep in mind that rates can change hourly on busy days, so this is just a snap shot in time. I want t...
Last night, Frontline did a story on Brooksley Born, who was in charge of the CFTC.  This was a small regulatory agency that was not looked on with great respect.  When she came in, Washington was all about de-regulation.  The market was flying high, and there was no reason to mess with it.  She ...
There is a lot of talk today about how the tax credit HAS to be preserved because it is stabilizing the housing market, etc.  I do not buy it.  The tax credit is not having an impact on the market like was predicted, and in fact, is hurting the people of the United States.  I could get a lot of f...

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