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I was reading an article from Sandy Geroux and I could not agree more with her opinion on how to market your service to your customers. In reality when you are shopping for a service provider you want to check a group of different characteristics of the service provided by that company and only a...
Most people think that if their company is not growing it is because it is going out of business. Undoubtedly a steady growth is essential to the life line of any company, so to grow a healthy business needs everyday essentials. Companies can grow by merger or recruiting and both methods have the...
After reading the article "True Internet Success Requires Mastery of 4 Areas" by Jack Lindberg I decided to write some comments on its content to share it with my colleagues It is very important when you are trying to get Internet exposure to use traditional ways of attracting prospects to your w...
As the owner of Virtual Florida Tours I was reflectioning on the reason I selected Real Tour Vison as the company that supports all of our virtual tours. We were selecting within the different tour support companies and all of them had different characterisitcs that I did not like, so after tryin...
Start thinking that you are a magnet to money that everything you try goes in the right direction and allows you to make more money. Remember that work is not the same thing as struggle, so when you start entertaining ideas that put you down, you need to start thinking positively.   A good idea i...
If you really love to see your photo portraiyed in your church magazine you can run an ad there and recive absolutely no returns and a lot of requests for donations to individuals with hardships and handicaps. You can spend hundreds of dollars on printed advertisements that take weeks to come int...
Residential real estate professionals need to get back to the basics of your business or you will certainly lose your customer base.  The industry is dealing with the continuing impact of subprime and mortgage liquidity problems in the housing market. Some realtors complain of the conditions of t...
The effect of the Internet is modeling the structure of the real estate industry according to different sources most of the future buyers are starting their search for homes in the Internet.   Some sellers are reluctant to pay the fee that companies like REMAX, Century 21, and Coldwell Banker are...
Sometimes you feel that you have reached a plateau and could not achieve better results? You're not alone, many people sabotage their own success, many people question themselves: "Why can't I be more successful? Why do I stop myself?" Success and stress is not the same thing. Even though in orde...
As a professional you do not have any tool more powerful that your mind. You need to think with clarity before acting, by doing this you will move upward and onward more rapidly in your career.   The best way is to think in your benefits as well as the benefits of the company of which you are par...

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