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When organizations want to measure their success they have to rely on their return on investment (ROI). A successful organization is capable of measure the leverage and demonstrates the contribution of their marketing strategies and how they affect the bottom line of the company. You need to meas...
In order to excel in customer satisfaction you need to be able to solve little nuances. Once a customer of Virtual Florida Tours wanted to have an unified reference link (URL) attached to the virtual tour of his listing. He selected the full address of his listing for the URL but after that he de...
I was reading an article of Mr. Verl Workman he is a very respected Real Estate coach, and he was making emphasis on the importance of including virtual tours in all of their listings. He admitted that virtual tours have evolved and now they are faster and clearer, and that the statistics prove t...
I recently read an article from Lois Geller in Lore magazine related to mail marketing.  Mial marketing is a rather expensive way of attracting possible prospects so i decided to share some of her recommendations with my readres. The first step is get the peopole to read your letter so you will h...
You will probably have figured out what your customers need or you will be out of business really soon.  Remember that when your customers are really more interested in fulfilling their desires than the impact that fulfilling these desires will have on their wallet. In other words you need to imp...
The improvements of are reflecting the requirements of sellers that are requesting a better exposure of their homes in this digital era. The use of virtual tours is not only a good way of exposure of your listing it is a magnificent marketing tool since it allows you to gain the inter...
In order to sell any product you need someone to sell it to. In the real estate business there is a situation where most agents are unable to find prospects to which sell their listings, but there is a minority of agents who are continuing to find prospects, to sell and list homes, and to make a ...
If you use email as a form of advertisement it is important that you adhere to the new CAn-spam laws.The most important change is that there should be an opt out in your email that does not require the person to send any additional information than their email address that should be removed follo...
According to Darryl Davis you need to remove the words buy and sell from your vocabulary and introduce in the process the idea of coaching. In other words we want to coach our prospects into doing business with us. In this "coaching process" we help our prospects into making the decision that is ...
Every now and then someone tell us that we should have a business plan, and if you are like me you will probably be thinking: "as if I have time for this nonsense" Recently I was reading an article from Tom Ninness and he was going a little further on how to develop this plan and since Cheryl is ...

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