lead generator: How to increase the bust line! - 05/30/08 10:23 AM
Bust lines in business is the last thing all of us want to increase. The Bust Line in business equates to bankruptcy, out of business, done, over, nadda, whatever you want to call it, you are busted.
As our bust line gets closer the party is over in this case. Real Estate Professionals in most cases create their own bust line by not taking the B.R.A. approach. BRA? Now you are scratching your head I'm sure.

*B = Being            *R = Real Estate *A = Active          How to increase your Bust Line.
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lead generator: $$$ HOW TO $$$ Adding the Free Lead Generating Wish List program to your Blog page on Active Rain. - 05/27/08 06:00 PM
The LEAD GENERATING WISH LIST can now be added for FREE to your Web Site or Blog page on Active Rain. This is not your "Typical" Lead Generator. Your site produces the lead, you are the only one that receives the lead, and there are no fees involved at all.
If you look on the right side of this blog page you will notice the hyperlink that reads "CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME............. FREE Online Wish Lists streamline your Home search. Wish Lists for Existing or New Construction Homes and Condominiums (High Rise Included) and Rental Dwellings."
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lead generator: Create your own leads for free. Great for agents, builders, leasing agents and mortgage brokers - 10/17/07 04:11 AM
With over 80% of Real estate buyers and renters surfing the Internet before making verbal contact, you have to capture them at your home page.
Rate A Home provides a Free Lead Generating Wish List program where only the web site owner receives the leads. There's no fees to you or the buyer.
Wish Lists for existing homes, new construction, condominiums (high and low rise) and rentals
How the program works:
You add a link on your home page, for example: "Create your Dream Home Here" or "New Home Wish List"
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