builder: $$$ HOW TO $$$ Adding the Free Lead Generating Wish List program to your Blog page on Active Rain. - 05/27/08 06:00 PM
The LEAD GENERATING WISH LIST can now be added for FREE to your Web Site or Blog page on Active Rain. This is not your "Typical" Lead Generator. Your site produces the lead, you are the only one that receives the lead, and there are no fees involved at all.
If you look on the right side of this blog page you will notice the hyperlink that reads "CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME............. FREE Online Wish Lists streamline your Home search. Wish Lists for Existing or New Construction Homes and Condominiums (High Rise Included) and Rental Dwellings."
A potential buyer completes a Wish … (59 comments)

builder: Dog gone it, what do you really want? - 03/04/08 05:57 AM
Do you really know what your looking for in your Dream Home, Condo or Rental search?
Don't do your home work up front and you may end up in the dog house.
One of the best first steps is putting together a Wish List of your needs. If you are working with a buyers agent, builder or leasing agent, provide them with your wish list to streamline the search.
You can choose to e-mail the Wish List directly to your agent or builder in advance of your first meeting. This way everyone is on the same page and not chasing your tails in a … (10 comments)

builder: New Construction Wish List, Are you using one? - 02/12/08 12:44 PM
How would you like to remove the biggest obstacle in selling, bidding and building new homes and condominiums?
One of the most frustrating parts for the agent and builders, is bidding a new home for a client that is getting multiple quotes.
Unlike commercial construction where the spec sheets are completed by architects, engineers and interior designers, home building spec sheets are figured out as one goes along. Home builders and agents gather information from the potential client by asking questions, writing the buyers needs down and then trying to produce an accurate quote.
The problem arises when each builder isn't bidding apples to apples. If the client neglects or forgets … (8 comments)

builder: Home Building at 16 year low and going down - 12/18/07 03:49 AM
Construction of new homes have officially fallen to the lowest level in 16 years. While this may help existing spec home sales, the drop will continue to erode the economy.
Single-family home starts were reduced to an annual rate of less then 830,000 units per year, at one point this number was nearing the 2,000,000 mark per year.
24% less home are being constructed today, then were being built one year ago, this signals a three year decline of housing starts.
In-turn, banks and mortgage companies are seeing a rapid increase of foreclosures and defaults. The squeeze by local and national banks will curve future growth … (0 comments)

builder: Please join me in Welcoming our newest Active Rain Family Members - 12/08/07 05:46 AM
This is my official welcoming page for the newest members to Active Rain.
Please help me in a big resounding WELCOME to our newest Active Rain members.
Our newest member as of 02.26.08: Jean Rampersad (Exit Realty) Jean is a broker in the Warner Robins, GA area.
Kelley Rahilly (Rahilly Group-Coldwell Banker) Kelley is an agent and part of a family Team serving the West Michigan area.
Melissa Southam (Evergreen Northwest) Melissa is an agent located in Kirkland, WA.
Dan Miller (FSBO of Michigan) Dan started a FSBO web site for the East side of Michigan.
Mirzet Alic (Greenridge Realty) Mirzet is an agent located in Kent County, MI. … (21 comments)

builder: Real Estate Trick or Treat - 10/21/07 03:00 AM
Home buyers, sellers and Real-estate professionals are getting the Trick and the Treat of the market.
The Trick:
Sellers are experiencing lost equity of their investmentForeclosures are rising due to the slow sales and mortgage financing blipsThe flippers dove into the great unknown looking for the potential huge returnsSaturated listings with growing days on the marketAgents and Builders bottom line eroding with extra marketing cost and competition to surviveFrustrated sellers being pushed into the rental marketHome ownership plummetingBanks and mortgage companies earnings are being dilutedGuessing the rate of divorce will be rising with money woes developingAdd to the list through your commentsThe Treat:
Buyers finding great … (2 comments)

builder: Building a New Home Guideline - 10/19/07 04:15 AM
With today's economy builders are desperate and some times find ways to be the low bidder only to sock it to the buyer after construction has started. The builder that under bids the next builder by $10k isn't always the best choice. It's not the bottom line that the buyer should be looking at!
A few suggestions to the upcoming new home buyers. The Home building industry isn't as organized as the commercial building industry. That has to change and unfortunately it's the buyer that's paying the price of certain associations not educating their members or the general public.
1. Use an online New Home … (3 comments)

builder: Create your own leads for free. Great for agents, builders, leasing agents and mortgage brokers - 10/17/07 04:11 AM
With over 80% of Real estate buyers and renters surfing the Internet before making verbal contact, you have to capture them at your home page.
Rate A Home provides a Free Lead Generating Wish List program where only the web site owner receives the leads. There's no fees to you or the buyer.
Wish Lists for existing homes, new construction, condominiums (high and low rise) and rentals
How the program works:
You add a link on your home page, for example: "Create your Dream Home Here" or "New Home Wish List"
The buyer or renter completes a personal wish list. Only the customer and yourself receive … (6 comments)

builder: Agents, Builders, Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate services in your area. - 10/17/07 01:40 AM
80%+ of the general public search the Internet before ever making contact with an agent. It's even more important to have a resource page for the general public to locate you.
To help the buyer's and seller's please post in the comment area what area and state you do business in. Include any information such as, what services you specialize in, web site, name etc.