broker: Oh to be a House Fly in the Real-estate business. - 12/12/07 04:29 AM
If only we could be a fly on the wall to over hear how a couple approaches the thought pattern on what home to choose when purchasing.
I've always been amazed on the decision process of a couple when looking at homes to buy. Just when I think I knew the thought pattern, pow, a complete turn around in the home they chose to offer on.
I have dealt with couples who were dead set on a two story from the beginning only to purchase a ranch in the end. How do these changes in thought occur over night?
By being a fly (and … (12 comments)

broker: Freebies Galore to help your Real-estate business - 12/12/07 01:46 AM
Freebies Galore
Merry Christmas early.
Here are the freebies Rate A Home provides to the Real-estate Professional to make your business better.
1. Lead generating Wish List that can be added to your web site. The agents, builders and mortgage brokers getting the best results display it on their home page as "Create Your Dream Home Here". You would be the only one receiving any wish list leads generated from your web site. Rate A Home receives none of the wish list generated by your web site, so there's no chance of you losing the lead or competing against 20 other agents for the same client. Therefore, there … (8 comments)

broker: The Ultimate Tool for the Ultimate Agent. - 12/07/07 06:11 AM
Allowing your buyer client to make the decision in the largest investment in life shouldn't be approached through emotions.
If you personally are diving into investments in your own 401k or retirement account with utilizing your Professional Investment Brokers "Due Diligence" reports, you may be in for the shock of your life. My guess is your not.
So why would you expect your clients as their Professional, to make that same mistake you wouldn't allow yourself to make with your investment?
Today's Buyer's market has the client touring more homes then ever. This not only adds a tremendous expense with the price of gas, but also … (0 comments)

broker: Buyers and agents are seeing double! - 11/19/07 04:17 AM

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! You are seeing double.
More so then ever agents are seeing double these days. With the lack of an organized tool to streamline the buyers tours, agents are spending more energy and fuel cost to tour homes a second and third time.
The rise in homes toured with the amount of property that is on the market is contributing to the wasted return trips. After touring 15-25-50+ homes, you can't expect a buyer to recall what the 1st home toured featured.
The mind boggling expanded tours is adding to the cost of the bottom line that … (2 comments)

broker: In the end you will have a Million Dollars worth of Real-estate!!! - 11/16/07 07:20 AM
We have all read the pie in the sky offers on how to create a million dollars in Real-estate. Now I have know the answer to the question and dream that most of us have.
It doesn't take hard work and huge amounts of time. There's a simple equation that you must follow. The much needed real-estate license is a good start. But to hit that million dollar mark of pure equity, netting you a million dollars when you are finished simply follow the rule at the bottom of the page.
Real-estate is a gamble, the risk taker can be rewarded in various … (18 comments)

broker: There's Light at the end of the Real-estate tunnel - 11/14/07 05:32 AM
         There's Light at the end of the tunnel! 
With this economy of lack luster sales and confused buyer's, we can only hope that the light will shine through soon. Real-estate Professionals are being forced to change the way they have done business over the past 100+ years.
The Internet savvy client is jetting around the World Wide Web gathering the information they require to locate the place they will call home.
The Professional who sits by the phone with the hopes that it will ring, bringing business and income is a thing of the past.
Today's Professional has to be equipped to stay ahead of the client. … (6 comments)

broker: Real Estate Halloween - 10/31/07 02:56 AM
Trick or Treat.
As an agent do you trick or treat your clients?
The way an agent can treat their clients are many. (Here are some examples that I have thought of, please add the ones that you provide)
Provide the services you post on your web sites and brochures.Stay in contact throughout the transaction.Work for them as if they are your only client.Stay educated in all aspects of your profession.Utilize the technology available to streamline the process.Respect your clients needs and wishes.Listen.Be on time.Be available.Be sympathetic with their current situation.Help them understand the Real-estate economy in layman terms.Allow your clients to prepare … (2 comments)