agent: Mark Deering is in the House! Welcome to the Active Rain Family. - 07/28/08 07:35 AM
After begging inviting Mark Deering with Remax Grand Valley (Ottawa County, Michigan) over the past few months, he has finally arrived and joined the Active Rain Family.
I know Mark personally and he is a creative, hard working agent, that was a bit reluctant about the site. Thanks to a recent post by Brian Block about the success stories of Active Rain, I was able to convince Mark of the Power of The Rain.
Mark's personal web site is Moves Made Easy
Please take the time to visit Mark's Active Rain profile and welcome him to the Family.
Welcome aboard Mark, … (28 comments)

agent: BLOG! Did I just swear? - 07/10/08 02:01 AM

Hey, you can stick it in your BLOG!
Go ahead and BLOG yourself!
When I suggest to a Real Estate Professional to join Active Rain and start networking and blogging. You would think I said the nastiest word I have in my vocabulary. People almost start to hyperventilate at the word BLOG. What the BLOG did you just say?
It's a scary word, BLOG, but is it? Why do so many fear the word. OK, I agree, the word BLOG has not made the spell check dictionary as of yet (Hint, Hint Active Rain Team) as most swear words don't, but it's not … (46 comments)

agent: How to increase the bust line! - 05/30/08 10:23 AM
Bust lines in business is the last thing all of us want to increase. The Bust Line in business equates to bankruptcy, out of business, done, over, nadda, whatever you want to call it, you are busted.
As our bust line gets closer the party is over in this case. Real Estate Professionals in most cases create their own bust line by not taking the B.R.A. approach. BRA? Now you are scratching your head I'm sure.

*B = Being            *R = Real Estate *A = Active          How to increase your Bust Line.
Don't learn how to Blog. … (30 comments)

agent: $$$ HOW TO $$$ Adding the Free Lead Generating Wish List program to your Blog page on Active Rain. - 05/27/08 06:00 PM
The LEAD GENERATING WISH LIST can now be added for FREE to your Web Site or Blog page on Active Rain. This is not your "Typical" Lead Generator. Your site produces the lead, you are the only one that receives the lead, and there are no fees involved at all.
If you look on the right side of this blog page you will notice the hyperlink that reads "CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME............. FREE Online Wish Lists streamline your Home search. Wish Lists for Existing or New Construction Homes and Condominiums (High Rise Included) and Rental Dwellings."
A potential buyer completes a Wish … (59 comments)

agent: How Real Estate is similar to playing poker. Know when to hold em, know when to fold em! - 04/28/08 03:59 AM
Being a Real Estate Professional is a lot like playing Texas hold'em.  The game can be fast and furious and reap big returns or leave you busted and out of the game.
"Your Rank" is how the general public views your ethics and services.
"Community Cards" would be all the properties available to a buyer.
"The Dealer" is the "buyer" no matter how we look at it.
 "The Best Hand" is the best offer a seller will accept.
"Player's Action" can be considered the file a Professional will develop during the buying process with the client.
"The Betting" comes down to the offer, counter offers and the … (10 comments)

agent: Trump University Online Real Estate and Business Courses - 04/23/08 04:57 AM
I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Paul Quintal, VP of Trump University yesterday in regard to our program. Paul was very energetic about helping Real Estate buyers and Professionals succeed in the Real Estate World.
Trump University was started in 2005. The mission they follow is:  
"Our mission is to teach you success.The best courses and programs + an impressive list of been-there, done-that faculty + an ironclad guarantee = a really powerful resource for business education and professional development."
Stop by the Trump University web site and see the vast amount of resources from home buying to investing that may … (0 comments)

agent: Fact: Its all about price so the home buyer thinks. - 04/11/08 01:20 AM
Like the Bobcat waiting to pounce on it's prey, buyers are approaching their largest investment in life focused merely on price.
True, while price should be one of the deciding factor, the main focus has to be livability for the buyers family. Style of home to meet their needs. Of course the past saying of Location, Location, Location still weighs heavy in the deciding factor. Schools, the surrounding area and the list goes on.
What the buyer of today has to remember is that some where along the road they will be the seller of tomorrow.
By passing up the dream home that may fulfill their wish … (4 comments)

agent: Save a Sales Trip=Saved Gas=Money in your wallet. - 04/08/08 06:04 AM
CNN Money recently published an article about the price of gas. Today the price jumped to $3.50 a gallon in our home town. Unfortunately the word on the news is we will be heading well above the $4.00 a gallon mark, and some states will be much higher then that.
With dwindling commissions and rising expenses today's agent has to streamline the way Real Estate business is conducted. The wasted trips for reshowing a home can now be streamlined through a simple process of a Walk through Check List. Because the buyer is opting to tour more and more homes in … (15 comments)

agent: Buyer's Up Yours (BUY) - 03/22/08 01:50 AM
I get frustrated watching World Poker Tour when the players don't show their cards to the little camera for the television audience to see.
Many buyer's are approaching the home buying arena keeping their cards hidden from the agent who is representing them. I've heard and read plenty of frustrating moments of trying to read a buyers mind. Meanwhile what could have been a Full House is now washed away like a Royal Flush.
What bugs me is the fact that there is no reason for hidden agenda's between the buyer and their agent. Buyer's should form a team partnership with their agent. … (8 comments)

agent: Real Estate Professionals are Dream Makers - 02/28/08 11:30 AM
Dreamaker: to search, provide valuable information, secure and present the Dream Home.
Every Agent is a Dreamaker! Sure, the availability of information for buyers on the Internet seems like all the buyer would need these days.
But in reality each of us can read up on surgeries, vehicle repairs, rocket building, you name it. I know I wouldn't do any surgery on the ones I love by following the Internet, or repair my cars engine, or think that I could be a rocket scientist.
Much of the Internet Real-estate information is vague enough to cover just about any state, county or city. When it … (10 comments)

agent: Personal Budget Calculator for the buyers to use - 02/18/08 06:50 AM
Before a buyer makes the decision to go house hunting they should do their "home work" first.
Utilizing a Personal Budget Calculator will help determine current expenses. These are the numbers that your mortgage lender will be looking for when you make the initial application for your mortgage.
Knowing your current expenses will help streamline the ability to maintain your new mortgage. Becoming married to a home due to previous debt eliminates the fun things in life. Getting your debt in line will eliminate the stress of home ownership.
Do your "home work" and reap the benefit in the long run
The Personal … (2 comments)

agent: New Construction Wish List, Are you using one? - 02/12/08 12:44 PM
How would you like to remove the biggest obstacle in selling, bidding and building new homes and condominiums?
One of the most frustrating parts for the agent and builders, is bidding a new home for a client that is getting multiple quotes.
Unlike commercial construction where the spec sheets are completed by architects, engineers and interior designers, home building spec sheets are figured out as one goes along. Home builders and agents gather information from the potential client by asking questions, writing the buyers needs down and then trying to produce an accurate quote.
The problem arises when each builder isn't bidding apples to apples. If the client neglects or forgets … (8 comments)

agent: Success using Active Rain is No Urban Legend - 02/02/08 06:54 AM
Personal and business success from being involved with the Active Rain Real Estate Network is no Urban Legend.
The links below are just a few of the success stories from Active Rain Members that were generated by simply being involved with this great site.
The Real Estate Professional that isn't involved in networking and blogging these days is like the Professional without a cell phone, computer or any other modern day technology.
My hopes are, that any Professional involved in the Real-estate industry will read this and be inspired to join the Active Rain Network.
WARNING: Joining may result in the success that others are already enjoying … (6 comments)

agent: Open House the Public Footpath of Real-estate - 01/31/08 06:21 AM
Open house's are "Public Footpath's" that if not conducted right can fail miserably.
The seller and Real-estate Professional have one shot at making a great first impression.
Preparing for the open house in advance is just as important as the day of the open house. This takes a team approach between seller and agent. Even though the seller hires an agent it doesn't mean that the seller's obligation is finished. The Real-estate Professional is the sellers representative, but not the house cleaner, repair person, lawn care company or snow removal company.
Utilizing an Open House Check List can help streamline the process to … (2 comments)

agent: When the Home Seller exposes their fangs! - 01/16/08 04:09 AM
There's nothing worse then the fangs of a seller being exposed. Today's market has produced more tension between the Seller and the agent.
Seller's want lighting fast action when it comes to the home they are looking to sell. Today, it's most likely not going to happen. Longer listing periods where a property nearly becomes stagnant are getting pinned on the agent.
The fact is, no matter how much advertising dollars an agent throws at a listing, or the hours invested in open houses, just doesn't cut it today.
Seller's have to understand that the agent wants the home sold as bad … (14 comments)

agent: Bad News for the Real-estate Industry, Good News Needed. - 01/12/08 06:20 AM
How do you escape the bad news of the Real-estate industry?
With all the negative news floating around about the industry it's going to be up to the Real-estate Professional to counter act the situation.
The only way to get some positive news produced is by preparing news releases. Good news doesn't get posted as quick as bad news, we all know this is true. But when an agent or company does some thing good for a client, community or the industry they have to gloat the news to the world.
Bragging, yes maybe, but the cold hard fact is the Real-estate Profession has … (3 comments)

agent: I'm a lover not a fighter - 01/11/08 04:44 AM
I'm a lover not a fighter. I threw in the towel on Real-estate sales, and moved over to the service side of helping the Real-estate Professional and their clients streamline the buying process.
I loved working with the buyer's since 1978. I loved seeing the smiling faces of the customer when they found their dream home.
I loved when that same client referred their family members and friends back to me.
I loved when they returned to the office when they decided to move up the housing ladder.
Helping the buyer shop for their home was my solution for going to the mall. My expertise was … (2 comments)

agent: Opposites Attract, so true with the "Home Buying Couple" - 01/05/08 07:49 AM
Are your buyer's scratching their heads, wondering what home to buy?
With the current buyer's market, taking the steps to be pro-active instead of re-active is the key to a happy client. A happy client is a referral base for sales down the road. And happy clients happen when outstanding services are provided.
Agents, it's time to remove the head scratching frustration from your buyer's house hunting life. By utilizing a home selection program to streamline the housing choice, a client won't have to second guess their decision. You, their agent will become the marriage counselor they will have avoided because of the service you can provide. There's … (8 comments)

agent: The Real-Estate Professionals Daily Work Out. - 01/03/08 03:20 AM
Real-estate Professionals get a work out daily, building their broad shoulders. Many of complications, blips and missed closing dates get laid upon their shoulders.
After reading a frustrating post on DeAnna Woody Blog of trying to get her first transaction closed, I couldn't help but put my thoughts in writing.
DeAnna is running into a delayed closing due to many parts of the puzzle not fitting together. Guess who is taking the heat?
In Real-estate the transactions from start to finish is much like a production line. One piece missed or delayed to build a transaction can put the entire process into a tail spin. Some … (7 comments)

agent: Welcome to the Open House, argh. - 12/26/07 02:54 AM
Open House's, some love em, some hate em, but they are a necessity of the Real-estate world.
Seller's in most cases choose the Real-estate Professional that will represent them based on the pipe dream of numerous open houses the agent promises to hold at their home.
I've ran into quite a few agents that don't feel open houses are the ladder to success, but still most conduct them because they feel it's a customer service that needs to be done.
True, every once in awhile the agent is lucky enough to find that special buyer for the clients house. These are the bonuses for … (11 comments)