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Today is 08.08.08 (2008) considered the date of good luck. It's reported that there will be over 9000 weddings in China alone today, with the belief that this is the luckiest day in history. I'm wishing everyone a lucky day. Believe in luck or not, sometimes different things happen in one's life ...
                           Do you see these types of reactions when your buyers are touring homes? Frustrated, confused, ready to pull their hair out? Ready to pull your hair out? Buyer's and Renters are touring more property these days then ever before. If you don't think they are looking for a ...
This is a photo of Mom with all the boys in the family. I'm the only son (Paddy, that's me right behind Mom, yup, no hair) and the rest are, my Brother in Law on the right and all the grand sons. Mom hasn't had a bit of trouble with the ticker, but we found out that the Doc's were watching her b...