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There is a dimension (not the twilight zone) Where we as humans are elevated beyond our normal selves. Napoli an Hill called it "a higher Plane"I have been there, when your hot your hot, you are also on a higher level of consciousness, or on a higher plane.You have heard of the guy who picks the ...
When my youngest grandson was just a baby, I bought him his first tractor. Understood that I came from a long line of farmers ,to check profession down my family tree it was a straight limb ,of agriculture. This particular tractor was not just any run of the mill generic type ,Oh no. John Deere o...
We all know that real Estate ,and pretty much everything from economies to war run in cycles. Stock and bond boys and girls try to buy low and sell high, I haven't personally known any Stock market types that have been consistently successful, as with the stock market(for Me) hind site is the tru...
I suppose the greatest influence on my Real Estate career in the beginning was the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was that book that gave me the seed for change. Through my reading I developed the concept that anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, coupled with burning ...
I had stopped in to visit an elderly couple ,who owned a 200 acre farm. In the conversation the possibility of them selling their farm came up ,where as the wife became very emotional and so I dropped the subject for another time. Upon leaving I mentioned possibly stopping in again in a couple da...
I believe my Dad was the one who I can give the credit for this little bit of insight. If there is a portion of a job that you really do not like to do, That you are afraid of , and you become extremely proficient at that particular aspect, of the job you will excel .When I was starting out, in R...
I read somewhere that "opportunities are present for all of us however only a few recognise them and even fewer act on them."This being said ;what do we need to do ,to recognise these vast opportunities,and take advantage of them ? I will tell you a little story of what happened to me once upon a...
I think if everything would always go as we planned,and we never had disappointments,Life in itself would become boring.I have worked with clients tirelessly holding their hand ,encouraging them, helping them cross hurdle after hurdle only to have the whole thing blow up days before closing. And ...
Corn, Soybeans and the housing marketWhen I living on the farm one of the perilous aspects of the profession was, The whipsaw fluctuation of crop prices. Crop prices fluctuated with the weather for sure, but just as much maybe more by the crop forcasters.Every time a crop forecaster would make an...
 In my opinion, our lives are derived by the choices we make. No matter where you are in your life today, you can Empower Yourself by choosing to "change" or choose not to "change," it's up to you. Ask yourself this question: Am I truly living the life I desire? Reflect on this question for a mom...

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