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Andrea Bedard has been assisting home buyers and sellers in Silver Spring, MD and beyond since 2004. She has a passion for Real Estate in general and vintage homes in particular. Ready to sell or buy? Contact Andrea for a free consultation 240-593-2860.
It's day 843 of Covid-19 restrictions, and with each day my house seems to be getting smaller. Okay, it's really *only* been 3 weeks since the stay-at-home order was issued in Maryland, but it feels like day 843. Although I get out each day, walk or run, or hike whilst maintaining the proper dist...
A virtual shout-out to Race Pace Bicycles..  the Mini (a.k.a. my youngest daughter) adores her vintage-looking cruiser bike, and enjoys riding laps with her big sister while mom loops the parking lot. The other day though, cruising was cut short. The back wheel was acting all funky, clearly it ne...
I am incredibly grateful that Maryland State Parks and county trails remain open for walkers, hikers, runners. We are frequent visitors, there are only so many loops in a parking lot one can run! Patapsco Valley (for example) is a nice change of scenery... I much prefer hitting a trail over concr...
The lady in the household section at the Target on Dobbin in Columbia, MD who yelled an overly excited YES when she spotted 3 containers of disinfecting wipes, and was seen dancing through the parking lot moments later? ... Yep, that lady was me! Never ever have I been happier about my purchase o...
Are you looking for a move-up home, with room to entertain and grow into, and quiet areas to work from home and unwind after? Then this terrific property in the North Sherwood Forest subdivision of Cloverly may just be the right fit! There are so many features that make this home special, the wid...
Most home buyer FAQs I have answered on the blog over the last decade or so have centered around earnest money, inspections, document reviews, and writing a winning offer. The number 1 questions currently: Are we still allowed to look at homes for sale? Can you still show me this Silver Spring pr...
If you know me, or have been following me for a bit, then you know that I'm not only fluent in Real Estate, but also in German. And if you know me and the German language, then you know that we have the best words! Long, long before Pandemic Pounds or Covid-15 became a thing, we already had a wor...
Allow me to shout it from my virtual rooftop: I am still here for you! For the time being it is no longer business as usual in Silver Spring, MD and beyond, but we are still in business. Our world has been turned upside down, but we adapt, we adjust, and we play the cards we were dealt.  Resident...
I've spent the last 2 weeks acclimating to our new normal, at home and at the office. My kids are on a Corona-schedule, and have adjusted beautifully. They miss school, the interaction with their peeps and peers, but staying connected via various electronic devices and sticking to a schedule is h...
The February 2020 housing stats for Maryland are in, and are looking really strong! There is no denying, we were (and still are at this point) in a seller's market. When the inventory levels (that is the months of active supply) drop well below 3, we consider it to be a market that clearly favors...

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