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Your family's Professional REALTOR of Choice providing service to you, your parents, neighbors, and children. Real Estate in Saint Peters, St. Charles County, and the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Thinking of Buying, Selling or investing in Real Estate call me 636-219-6242
Several months ago there were articles in the media about buying a new home.  At the time many builders were scrambling to get the cash needed to pay their subcontractors.  The articles didn't say that inventory homes were the best bargain in town, but they were in many cases.  Now the biggest di...
Being a Buyer's Agent for a short sale can be an opportunity to enjoy and learn business.  My buyer asks me what my success rate is in getting properties for my buyers.  That is an interesting topic.  I like to be able to provide my buyer with all the information he needs to justify his offer pri...
Most home owners do not qualify to sell their home for less than what they owe the bank, as a short sale.  This is due to most home owners not facing the hardship needed for the bank to accept that both parties are taking a loss, and the best solution is to do the short sale and move on.  Writing...
When a Short Sale is done on your property, to avoid foreclosure, a part of the mortgage debt is is not applied to the sale.  Thus, the sale that the Bank accepts is Short of the outstanding note balance.  The Internal Revenue Service by law requires knowledge of that short amount. The Mortgage F...
Three things sell property in today's market. Marketing, staging, and pricing are the three legs to support a sale. If you really need to sell your property in today's market, CALL ME. Contact: Dwight Puntigan Century 21 Luetkenhaus 410 Crestview Drive O'Fallon, Mo. 63366 636-219-6242 A CMA can b...
If it is still your home, and not just a house, you should probably stay in your home till the market changes.  The debt to income ratio and high credit scores needed to borrow money are reducing the number of buyers in the market, at the same time that inventory is increasing.  If you do not hav...
1,150 square foot store front facing Rue Royale in New Town. Sidewalk area is patio width for table and chairs. This three story building has two 1,000 square foot 2 story town houses upstairs front and back. These two bedroom, two and one half bath townhouses share a common stairwell that allows...
Contact: Dwight Puntigan Century 21 Luetkenhaus 410 Crestview Drive O'Fallon, Mo. 63366 636-219-6242 Space is ready for build out. Owner will work with you according to your needs. Curb parking available in front, and a large parking lot in the back of the building. Side walk in front is patio wi...
If your client is evaluating the ecconomics of relocating he is also judging different areas around town.  That is easy with our software.  We can show for almost any area compairison between the number of houses, days on market, numbers for 2 bedrooms compared with 3, 4, and 5 bedroom configurat...
Listed property does not always meet the needs of the client.  Often it is possible to drive an area see FSBO or For Rent signs and network out a solution for one or more needs.  This is a situation of deciding to try something different.  If anyone feels they can help my clients please call or w...

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