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Bond prices climbed for the fifth straight session Thursday, helped by a government auction of 30-year bonds. The dollar fell against the euro and gained versus the yen. That should keep mortgage rates on the way down. Ny tuesday of next week should be prime for locking conforming loans.
Mortgage or PreapprovalApply Now Free Consultation Do you plan on buying a home that needs improvement? Now you can finance both the purchase and renovations with just one loan! The Purchase & Renovate program offers: More Money. The amount of money you are permitted to borrow for the purchase an...
The Refinancing ProcessMaster the essentials of the refinancing process with this online step-by-step reference. Deciding to Refinance Choosing a Loan Applying Closing Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Refinancing StrategiesConcerned about monthly payment increases from an interest-rate adjustment? ...
The Homebuying ProcessMaster the essentials of the homebuying and financing process with this online step-by-step reference. Choosing Homeownership Getting Ready to Buy Mortgage Basics Choosing a Loan Getting Preapproved Choosing a Home Making the Purchase Closing Managing Your Investment > Free ...
Reverse Mortgages  Today, there are more homeownership options for retired individuals and couples than ever before. Make the Most of Retirement!If you are at least 62 years old and have low or no outstanding mortgage debt, our Reverse Mortgage programs can allow you to borrow against the equity ...
 Buyers who are considering financing a home in a rural area often find that it is harder to get approved for funding than it is for a home that is nestled in suburbia. Lending requirements are often too strict for lower income farmers and rural residents. Appraisal guidelines are often too strin...
Down Payment Assistance Program The Down Payment Assistance Program is a fast and easy way to help buyers with money at closing for no down payment mortgage and assistance for closing costs that they do not have to repay. Down payment assistance is used for residential and commercial loans.We're ...
What is a Lease Option?   A "lease option" is really two separate but related agreements: a "lease agreement" and an "option agreement". A LEASE AGREEMENT is just a standard agreement to rent a home. In general, a lease agreement gives you the right to live in a home in exchange for payment of re...
 Buy an Investment Property With a Smaller Down Payment  We have several choices for an investment property loan that require little down payment so that you can have more money to use toward repairs or remodeling your investment property. Whatever your investment goals, we can get you a mortgage...
The Benefits Of Investing In Real EstateWith all of the mixed-media messages surrounding us these days, it's confusing for people to know where to invest their money (be it stocks, bonds, a 401K or real estate). In my experience there's no better way to save a bundle on your taxes (while simultan...
Section 203(k) insurance enables homebuyers and homeowners to finance both the purchase or refinance of an existing (<1 year old) house and the cost of its rehabilitation through a single mortgage. The minimum rehabilitation amount must be at least $5,000, with the total value of the property fal...

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