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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.
No matter what industry you deal with there are terms that are specific to that industry, AND, you may be familiar with the terms BUT you might not know what their meaning is. So many times, those in the industry, are so familiar with our everyday terms we may, unintentionally, forget that others...
Let me disclose, upfront, I saw this shared story posted on Facebook. It really moved me and reminded me of how blessed we are as a Nation and a People. No matter how bad things seem we must always remember our American roots and what we are all about. SO, this is a Christmas story for Thanksgivi...
Interest rates have hit a low for the 13th time this year! With prices escalating the interest rates have been very friendly to the buying & selling public. Buyers, this is a great time to get prequalified/approved for a mortgage and begin your search. Sellers, this is a great time to ready your ...
Not long ago I wrote a blog stating sellers (and buyers) are concerned about the safety of selling (or buying) Real Estate in the "covid" market. Inventory is low but probably even lower because of the health emergency instituted by governments as a response to the virus. In the infographic below...
Today is November 11, 2020. Veteran's Day. The 11th day of the 11th month at 11:00 a.m. is when the ceremony commences. In our historic little town of Georgetown, MA the Rene J. Gagnon American Legion Post #211 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #7608 will be holding a Veteran's Day ceremony a...
With Veteran's Day being tomorrow I thought this would be an opportune time to remind veterans about a VA Home Loan.One of the benefits many Veterans do not avail themselves of is a VA Home Loan. A veteran can use this benefit more than once. The VA Home Laon is a 100% government-guaranteed loan....
Here we are in November of 2020 and the housing market is still chugging along with rising prices, movement from the cities to the suburbs, low-interest rates, low inventory, multiple offers, and uncertainty because of a virus. Media reports a resurgence of cases of CV-19 in many areas. Some Stat...
As today is the actual election day, and without waxing political, PLEASE when you vote, or voted, please do so from the perspective of the different platforms of the candidates, not on personalities. A most well-spoken and acting candidate could be representing a most putrid platform and a so-so...
It happens every year at this time of year! Except for AZ & HI this Saturday night before you go to bed we need to change our clocks.Now we enter the dark ages of middle Fall and Winter. Here in Massachusetts, it has been suggested MA, ME, NH, VT, RI & CT eliminate the Spring and Fall clock chang...
Have you found yourself sitting on the hedge wondering whether you should put your home up for sale in the active market? You're not in that boat by yourself, by any means at all. With all that's happened this year, it's not surprising that folks are hesitating. * While inventory IS low, the hous...

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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.