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 What happens if a seller receives a copy of a recent inspection report?  Must they share it with a future buyer?  The scenario is common.  A seller lists their home.  A buyer submits a contract with an option period. Seller accepts. During the option period, an inspection is conducted by the buy...
In the Words of Davy Crockett after losing his US Congress bid for Tennessee.  "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas".  Texas is one of the top States that people are relocating today.  So I hope this article is helpful to those who planning the move. In a perfect world, every neighborho...
Debt to income ratio or DTI is one of the primary calculations to determine credit worthiness for obtaining a home mortgage.  This along with your FICO score or Fair Isaac Corporation Score, will determine whether you can qualify for a mortgage.For most lenders, the DTI needs to be under 43% and ...
Selling a home the right way is a lot of work but it will pay off putting more money in your pocket.  There are no shortcuts!  Here are the Top 4 Mistakes I see some sellers make that costs them big time.Wrong PriceThe first misstep is to price the home wrong. Either too high or too low. Getting ...
Great question!  I'm glad you asked.  :)  The best way to answer that is to describe what is done and what the outcome of each service may provide.1.  Your refrigerant levels are tested and based on the type of refrigerant you have, refrigerant may be added or removed from the system to ensure it...
With so many people relocating here from other parts of the country I thought a few words of wisdom from Neil Sperry our local lawn care specialist would be helpful.  Neil gives as a few steps and a timeline for getting your lawn healthy and beautiful for the Spring. SCALP YOUR LAWN:Drop your mow...
The is a lot of misinformation with the general public about the Home Buying Process especially with First Time Home Buyers.  In this article I'll try to debunk some of the myths of buying a home in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Myth #1:I just want to look at homes and when I find one I want ...
There is a lot of confusing terminology used between real estate professionals,whether it’s your first time buying, or you just don’t quite understand something, we have taken the time to explain a basic set of real estate terms that will allow you to be better informed and involved in any real e...
 Moving can be stressful for people, so just imagine how anxious it can make your pets. They can easily get stressed out when there's unexpected activity in their home or when they're introduced to a new environment. I've moved with four cats and a fish, and it's not an easy task. These challenge...
I am always researching for new information and tips I can pass on to my customers. I typically have my own thoughts and research but this time I came across an article that I thought summed up all the information really well. Short and sweet here an a great article I read and would like to pass ...

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