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Today I had a call from a Realtor.  They sent me a new client.  That was great and I truly appreciate it.  However, the Realtor took the client out looking at houses all day assuming they had good credit.  That is sometimes a mistake.  The realtor became very upset when they learned there are som...
I had a new client call today, this will be a for sale by owner deal.  After checking things out, it seems the owner of the home had siding put on which is good except they decided to save on their utility bill.  They had 4 of their windows, one greatroom, kitchen, one master bedroom and one spar...
It was truly stressful but it finally happened.  I started working with a client on January 11th with a FICO score of 395.  I continually focused on what needed to be addressed on the credit report.  I thought it would take more than 6 months to repair.  With their hard work, mine and the Realtor...
Since yesterday I have obtained 5 new clients.  I work very hard to help each and every one on their scores to help them become a homeowner.  Out of the 5 I had 2 that were immediately approved.  Through my conversation with the other three, we can work a few months and increase their scores enou...
To all the LO's out there.  I started years ago working in the world of financials by opening a tax office.  From there I just saw several other services my clients needed.  I later added the mortgage loans with some other services.  As a LO I started helping my lower scored clients with their cr...


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