How many times today did your cellphone make a sound?Aside from phone calls, there are texts, email, alarms, social media and random notifications from the mobile game you play in your downtime.We've gotten so used to these notifications that sometimes we don't even bother checking them, and that...
Imagine coming home to this beautiful, fully renovated 4 bed 2 bath in Somerdale NJ.  When you walk into this split level single family home, you are greeted by a beautiful quaint foyer that leads up to a huge living room and a large eat in kitchen.The kitchen has been completely renovated with e...
Is your business booming?When you got started, you figured you would buy a few properties, make a few repairs, get some tenants and you would be sitting at home watching the money roll in.How did that work out for you? Are you spending most of your time finding tenants, then the rest of your time...
What if you could invest in a property and immediately have not one, but three quality tenants? What if the property was such a good find that even if one of the tenants decided to move, you knew that you would be able to find another in no time. I'm not talking about your average triplex. No, ea...
Sometimes what we want seems so far out of reach. This 3 bedroom,1 bath with a driveway, for example. You drive by it and notice that it is on a quiet street. You wonder what the inside looks like and whether it you would be able to afford it. After all, your credit isn't too good and there's no ...
While many people dream of one day buying their perfect home, others simply are not ready or do not want to purchase.Rather you purchase or rent, we all need a roof over our head and prefer that it be something that we are happy to relax in after a hard day's work. Nothing beats dropping your wor...
This two bedroom, one bath, first floor unit is available for rent for only $900 per month. Located in a quite neighborhood and within walking distance of public schools, public transportation and shopping.
There are so many houses to choose from and everyone is looking for the "perfect" home. Have you considering taking an affordable house and use the money you saved to turn it into YOUR PERFECT HOME?There are so many affordable houses that just need some TLC and they can be transformed into the ho...
This is a very large property that stretches from the corner of 5th street down to the grey 2 car garage on Spruce.This is like no property you've ever seen. There is so much potential. The front of the property (on 5th St) used to be a store, but the homeowner purchased it and turned it into an ...
This is a very unique property that includes 7 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms is listed for only $139,900The main floor features 3 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, Livingroom, dining room and kitchen.In the attic, there are 2 bedrooms and in the basement, an apartment featuring 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and...

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