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Long Island is Dan's beloved home. He appreciates the natural beauty of our surroundings, and is often amazed at how he can't resist the outdoors, rain or shine, for a jog or bike ride. The quality of life on Long Island is astounding for Dan from the scenic beaches to the abundance of outdoor activities, the excellent family environment to the community pride. When asked what he loves to do most, his first response is about food! Dining out in the variety of restaurants that Long Island offers is always a pleasure for Dan, who can't seem to pick a favorite from the multitude of choices
Safe proofing a Home for Children and Pets Your home should be adult-friendly, but it may have potential hazards for your kids and pets. By knowing what hazards exist and preventing them from occurring, you can protect your family. Remember, children are curious, and they'll likely put things in ...
Should You Buy a House or Rent?Buying or renting a home is a confusing and big decision. The financialand emotional impact of the move is huge, but the decisions are rarelywrong. In general, buying a house is a better choice than renting.When you have to decide whether to buy or rent a home, cons...
In 1911 Hugh McCarrick arrived from Ireland and began selling milk. McCarrick’s  dairy farm on Rt. 25A changed to a delicatessen store and real estate business by 2000. The location currently changed to a 7-11. INY Daily Mirror advertised land for sale in the North Shore Beach of Rocky Point in c...
As a seasoned broker, I can tell the difference between a serious buyer and a daydreamer. I can assist you avoid the headaches that come with selling or buying a home.  Check out my website herehttps://danielmcguire.signature-premier.com/
If given the space, how would you best set it up ? Let us know your opinion about this.........  #realtorsofinstagram #HomesForSale #property #homesweethome #realestate #newyork #longisland #ukrainian #ukraine #Russia #listingagent #FacebookChallenge #ticktockchallenge #money #propertymanagement ...
Is your standard IIRA your best investment options? These investments focus on the publicly traded assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. These limitations are removed when you decide to explore the self-directed IRA option. The self-directed IRA option allows you to invest in “alternative” ...
The housing market isn’t a bubble, but rather about basic fundamentals. This means we are talking about supply and demand. The basics we all learned about in economics 101. We are a couple of years into the pandemic when folks could never imagine homes or neighborhoods would demand such prices. T...
If a lessor, or an agent of a lessor authorized to receive rent, fails to receive rent payment for rent within five days of the date specified in a lease agreement. As such, lessor or agent shall send lessee, by certified mail , a written notice stating the failure to receive such rent payment. T...
June of 2019 Statewide Housing Security & Tenant Protection Act was implemented. Many realtors and landlords are unaware of many of the rules regarding how a security deposit should be handled. The risk to a landlord, tenant and local realtors is great due to the increased legal exposure as a res...
June of 2019 Statewide Housing Security & Tenant Protection Act was implemented. Many realtors and landlords are unaware of many of the rules. The lack of knowledge is prevalent among some of the larger rental complexes in Suffolk County, NY on Long Island. Also, many local realtors lack the unde...

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