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...or "How To Avoid the 3 S's of Arizona".  Yep, snakes, scorpions and spiders.  As you are looking around for your new home, you may want to take into consideration the 3 S's.  Keep in mind, these critters can be anywhere given our proximity to the desert and some areas have more.  Where we live...
As we have mentioned before, Jole and I are asked pretty often about homeowners losing their homes.  Sometimes when we are talking with a homeowner, they will say "well, my neighbor let their house get foreclosed on and they are ok".  That's what the neighbor will tell you, of course, but what th...
So you just read our  "Going, Going, Gone" post and you are thinking, "That's horrible.  I don't want that to happen to me".   Here's how to avoid losing the house of your dreams... 1.  Go to your lender - find out what you are qualified for.  While it is super fun to go looking at houses all day...
In case you were waiting for another price drop on our listing in El Mirage, you waited too long and the property received an offer that was accepted.  But don't worry, we will have another one for you soon. Something to keep in mind while you are house move pretty quick arou...
Recently, Jole and I have been getting one specific Real Estate question that I think may need some attention.  The question is, "I got a letter from my lender saying that my house is going up for auction.  What do I do now?"  Well, there is really not much you can do at this point, but what we r...
And I don't mean just the temperature.  In Glendale, in the last 24 hours, there were 49 new houses put up for sale.  In Phoenix, there were 157.  The variety in the homes for sale means that there is something available for everyone, even you. So instead of sitting inside all weekend because it'...

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