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It's a little known statistic that 70% of the homes that are foreclosed on didn't even attempt a short sale. For information on what all you options are contact me today.
  Does it feel like trust is one of the major casualties of the economic meltdown of 2008 – followed by the “Great Recession,” the “Jobless Recovery” and now the threat of a “Double Dip Recession?”   Weren’t we assured that home values were destined to go up and up and up?   There have been lots ...
It is estimated that 70% of the homes currently or soon to be in forclosure will go back to the bank without even an attempt at a short sale.  A Short Sale isn't forever, however a Foreclosure is. A Foreclosure never comes off your credit report from what I'm told.  Forget what you're hearing, th...
The questions isn't will it get any better it's will it get any worse.  Getting worse is a very relative concept.  Many times things have to seem to get worse when in reality they are making way for things to get better.  Every time a home comes on the market and another goes off we are moving in...
The short answer NOW!  Now the slightly longer version.  Typically the real estate market is similar to a teeter tooter.  Housing prices tend to be higher when interest rates are lower and visa versa.  As interest rates rise however typically housing prices get lower in order to keep balance and ...

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