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At Christmastime as a young girl growing up in Warner Robins, my dad and I would hike through the cold and quiet woods looking among hundreds of other trees for the perfect tree to cut down for our Christmas tree.  Eying a pretty tree, he would kneel down at the base of it to see if its trunk was...
For the past six Christmas Eve's, I have visited with someone who was very special to me.   I also visit more often throughout the year but Christmas Eve was always our very special time together. In the years past, our Christmas Eves were filled with so much excitement.  We'd attend Christmas E...
I get asked all of the time, "How do you think up stories to write about each week?"  Well, I must admit, there are times when I can't even think what I want to cook for dinner that evening let alone think of something to write about. But thankfully when those times of writer's block happen, my r...
The Butterfly Project is a brainstorm created by Addressing Rooms Interior Decorating and Home Staging.  I have started as a focus project with Gateway Cottage of Hodac.  Gateway Cottage is a homeless shelter for women with addictions.  While going through the treatment program at Hodac, they can...
Give clutter the Heave-Ho in 2009!  De-clutter your life, your home and your surroundings. Tips to De-Clutter 1.  Learn to say "NO" to stress and "YES" to less in all aspects of your life. 2.  Donate those clothes that you'll "fit back into one day" or "will come back into style".  You'll be ama...
Addressing ROOMS has created a convenient kit filled with staging accessories just like our Stagers use.  And the best part of it is, you can use and re-use your Basic Staging Kit over and over again.  Our Basic Staging Kit covers all of the essential items you need to stage a home's most import...


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