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Securing a loan approval in today’s lending environment seems to be harder than in years past.  ..Or is this actually an illusion? As a 30 year veteran of the mortgage lending business, I would argue for the latter. I think this is because what some would call unreasonable, is actually quite reas...
P R I V A T E   M O R T G A G E   B A N K I N G Private Mortgage Banking or “PMB” is a lending model created for the purpose of meeting the home-financing needs of wealth clients. As a Private Mortgage Banker, I partner with Real Estate agents and Title Company Representatives who themselves cate...
Is the Doctor in? Newly licensed doctors have a unique "Doctor Loan" option which makes buying that new home much easier by allowing a lower down payment than most all other jumbo-loan programs. While loan guidelines are subject to change, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is waived on the Doctor ...

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