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Have you ever thought about unsafe conditions around your home? Each day I find unsafe conditions around homes. These homes could be brand new or 100 years old. The photo below was taken during a new home inspection. There was no level platform installed in front of the heating and air unit. Ther...
My 12 year old sons team went into 4 OT's and they pulled it off for the win. It was amazing and you would have thought it was the NBA championship. The other teams coach had to be escorted from the gym, two parents were screaming at each other and they had to be escorted out. It was great. This ...
My job takes me to many places. Today I was at "The Crossroads" in Clarksdale, MS. Known for the birthplace of the Blues. Rumor has it you can sell your soul to the devil and he will teach you to play a guitar real good.                         Check out Robert Johnson
Over the years my (your) clients have stated to me I have a $500.00 repair allowance. This amount appears to be the normal negotiated amount in my area by both the listing and selling agent or buyer- seller. In my opinion only, this amount is generally acceptable in most cases for homes that are ...
You forgot to connect your plumbing vent stacks to your waste lines. Now sewer gases are seeping through your sink drains and that is the bad odor you are smelling. It is also the reason you have poor drainage in your home. I found this at my morning inspection today and had to share.   Plumbing ...
Sometimes I just have to stop and think about things for a moment. Lets see, why would Harry come up with something like this? He apparently lost his old vent cap to the wind. Maybe he found it laying in the yard and figured he could just make a new one himself. He took an old coffee can punched ...
Find out how Green your home is by answering these 20 questions. Its fun and easy to do. Please let me know your results and I will go over them with you. I am also willing to answer any questions you have about your home and home maintenance.
HGTV on Sunday morning is really changing the real-estate market in my opinion. I have been inspecting homes for many years. I am starting to see these changes. Many vacant homes are now staged, homes are much cleaner with less personal items laying around, flowerbeds are freshly mulched, lawns a...

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