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I have been surprised that there is very little in the media about this. Indy Mac is selling its servicing to Ocwen. IndyMac is the mortgage management division for OneWest, a bank headquartered in Pasadena, Calif. OneWest is the successor to IndyMac Bancorp, which was seized by the Federal Depos...
Many real estate investors believe that short sales are a thing of the past. There are so many local, state, and federal regulations that govern these transactions. Regulations include how much profit you can make and in what time frame yo can make the profit. Consequently,  many investors have o...
Well, it seems there is a bit of hypocrisy coming out of Washington for a little change of pace. President Obama announced his nomination of congressman Mel Watt (D-NC) for director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  Many homeowners around the country were delighted by this selection ...
Well, the happy news out of BofA’ville just never seems to end. Last month I read that according to their CEO, Bank of America’ problems are behind them!!!! Really??  Wall Street is buying it but I am not!!! Recent litigation has revealed numerous statements by former Bank of America employees th...
Here is one for the “no kidding” category. It also is a story for the “why are we studying this” category. LOL Your ability to read and understand your home loan – and crunch the numbers yourself – plays a major role in your likelihood of default. According to a report from researchers at the Col...
I was raised in a manner that "if you cannot trust  family, who can you trust". Families need to stick togther and be the one place for love and support. WELL, not in this story!!!!   Shocking as it may is a truly sad story about an indovidual - war hero and his struggles and family con...
There was a little known Supreme Court decision that did not receive the same fanfare as some of the other cases before the Court. The recent property-rights ruling went in favor of landowners and land developers. The ruling could have far-reaching effects on how government handles property owner...
I was surprised at the three real estate markets that have the dubious distinction of being the top three markets in terms of abandoned homes in foreclosure.  I was not even close in attempting a guess at this list!! In some cities, the blight is getting out of control thanks to disproportionate ...
This is Part II of The Basics of SEO: 6. Use Your Keyword Phrase in the Body of Your Content   It's important that you use your keyword phrase in the body of your blog post. A good goal to try to achieve is to use your keyword phrase at least twice in the first paragraph of your post and as many ...
Many SEO enthusiasts are in a state of panic over announced changed to Google search engine algorithms. Google is gradually implementing Penguin 2.0 and many are concerned that there SEO efforts will be adversely affected. I decided to write some SEO basics that pertain to most search engine sinc...

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