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Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds. Even friends of mine 12 to 15 years my senior are posting and checking in daily. That is one reason I find this so interesting. What will they do with all their spare time when it goes away? I guess nothing is forever. All organisms in nature follow a clear...
I found the following post both informative and amusing seeing the photos of the measures people will go to to protect their plants. It sure has been cold and even Florida is having to protect their plants. Some of these look like huts and jungle structures. Please post your comments to Kwee's po...
There is more to making a purchase than just picking out the new house. The following post lists the closing costs associated with getting a mortgage and explains how some are one time fees and others are associated with taxes and recording fees. Read more and send your comments George Souto's wa...
When buyers contract to buy in a development that has an HOA, the buyer is entitled to see and accept the HOA documents. So buyers should know they are coming and that they will most likely be standard. This is not to be an out for getting cold feet or just having a change of heart about the home...
If you have done any of your own marketing and haven't found out this key element then you are missing the mark. Being able to see the product or service from the consumer's side enables you to choose the right words, create the right feelings and to convey the message that will be received with ...
This post is so true. If you have ever had a clean deal and then the underwriter found some little something to beat it to death with then you know it depends on the underwriter. They use their own interpretations and skiddishness to make decisions or not to make the decision. It is too bad there...
This is an app that caught my eye and is a must for me. Being able to watermark my photos and truly mark them as mine is very appealing. See what Toni Weidman was able to do with it. You will want it for your iPhone or iPad too. Looking for a really easy watermark app for your iPad or iPhone befo...
This is a very interesting thought. Do you go with the latest and greatest or go with something that is classic and not a faddish thing? I say it depends. If you can afford to redecorate again in 3 or 4 years go ahead and be faddish. If you will have to live with it longer, then something more cl...
When it comes to making offers buyers need to realize that the person's house has been their home. A really low offer can be interpreted as it is inferior or that the buyer doesn't think it is worth more. Be careful to not make the seller run the other way. I have seen seller refuse to negotiate ...
Security is becoming a huge concern to homeowners. Keeping your family and possessions safe takes planning and preparing and staying one step ahead of the crooks. This list will get you to thinking and may even save you some losses. In a previous post, Schlage and I revealed the 10 things burglar...

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