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      Get Lost In Nature And You Will Find Yourself A recent post from Kathy Streib reminded us of the joy we find in discovering a new word. In 2019 our favorite find was the word, psithurism - (siTh ir iz um. It's used to describe the soft sound of wind whispering in the leaves of trees. We thi...
Homes With Views - Camas and Washougal Owning a home with a view of a river - or any vista - offers a unique living experience.  Views are always enjoyable and constantly changing.  Likewise, it will add value when you are ready to sell. We receive requests all the time from buyers who dream of h...
YouTube Thursdays - Who are the Neighborhoods in Your Marketplace? ( Toying with a Mr. Roger's line...)                                Neighborhood videos really work well as the bread and butter of your community-oriented video libraries. Evergreen in nature, once you produce one, it will work t...
 Last weekend, 93-year old mom tripped and fell going into her sitting room. She minimized the fall, saying she thought it felt like pulled muscles. Naturally, we called her doctor's office and they said to watch her carefully, and if she seemed to be getting around okay, it was likely muscular. ...
YouTube Thursdays - Effective Videos for Lead Generation                                      The most effective real estate marketing efforts generate leads - and video marketing is no exception. In our experience, there are certain videos that have been the most successful for us when it comes ...
MultiGen Home Sales - JanuaryDuring this past year, more families found themselves back in Multigenerational (multigen) households. Although not all were by choice, many found the great advantages of this lifestyle for all ages. In addition to the economics of sharing expenses, there is also the ...
Don't try to be young. Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them.  ~ Betty White ( Happy 99th Birthday, Betty!)   At our multigenerational home, the focus is often on our elderly mother. The...
Camas Home Sales Report - Sellers Market Continues In spite of last year and ongoing real estate restrictions, Camas home sales remain strong. Pending sales in December were up 5.5% over last year at this time.  There were only 62 closed sales in Camas because overall inventory in Clark County is...
YouTube Thursdays - Video Marketing - A Waste of Time?It's already mid-January.  Hopefully, we are all looking forward to making 2021 another successful year in real estate. Video will once again be part of our marketing efforts. Admittedly, we just weren't feeling it last year. Consistency was l...
The stars shine brighter here in the country. They really do. The reason? They are not competing with the light pollution emanating from commercial areas,  porch lights, and street lights.  The air smells fresher too. Less traffic translates into less fuel emissions. Plus there are generally more...

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