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Once Upon a Fairytale Pumpkin-  Once upon a time in Camas, a lover of autumn, and all of its magic, stumbled upon a bin filled with beautiful and mysterious looking pumpkins. These pumpkins ranged in color from dark green to a gorgeous deep mahogany. They conjured up images of a fanciful gourd st...
In crafting my elevator speech, I had a lot of ideas - some were funny, some a bit flashy, others tongue and cheek. Fortunately, I remembered Popeye's advice, " I yam what's I yam - and stayed true to myself. I'm calling it Plain Janes Eco-Speak.  The short spoken version. "Hi, I’m Debb Janes, I ...
The leaves are falling, but home prices are starting to rise in Camas and Fishers Landing - don’t miss your chance of a lifetime. According to a recent survey*, values rose in half of all major US cities in late summer. The data represents a ray of light that some areas have bottomed out and coul...
Camas Boo Bash Several times a year, the city of Camas and downtown merchants literaly close the streets for children and families. In June, it's the Camtown Youth Festival  and in October, it's the Boo Bash. My son and his family are visting this month and I thought the Boo Bash would be a perfe...
Eco-the friendly witch loves to travel on her broom - it’s fun, quiet and fuel free. When Eco has to use a more conventional form of transportation, she organizes all of her errands in one trip. Eco-the friendly witch won't use frogs or bird beaks in her recipes for potions and brews. She knows t...
Are you searching for a Great Pumpkin House in Washougal, Washington? Good news, the housing market is prime for the picking. You can find your dream pumpkin house at such a great value that it's almost spooky.  Don't delay, because the best pumpkins houses are always the first to go! Don't miss ...
The Harvest Hummingbird Oh little jewel, little bird we adore.  Happy you make our hearts. Tiny, yet fierce, we hear your chirps, it's music to our ears. Yet to your kind, the message is clear - stay away, this nectar is mine! Soon you'll be leaving, all but a few, following a migratory path. Til...
The Hood River Fruit Loop is a 35 mile stretch of highway located in the national scenic area known as the Columbia River Gorge. It’s about an hour from Camas, Washington and minutes from Hood River, Oregon. Forests, farms and fruit make this a famous spot in the Pacific Northwest. The region pro...
When pumpkins fly in Vancouver - they're aiming for 1000 meters. Two local men have created the ultimate flying machine for orange gourds, and so far they've sent one 25,525 feet. Their ultimate goal is to propel one another 756 feet. Joe Barbera and Russ Villhouer have been firing pumpkins for q...
Harmony and Me are pretty good company. Harmony is a beautiful thing.  Not just the in the musical application, but especially in the pleasing and easy elements of unity in the environment. Specifically, in our personal environments. Passion is also a beautiful thing. Passion is the conduit to li...

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