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Green up your  Red, White and Blue Barbecues. Firing up the barbecue this Independence Day? If so, you’re not alone. The Sierra Club reports that nearly 225,000 tons of carbon will be emitted this July 4th - from grilling alone. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help lessen the imp...
Camas Washington Homes for Sale. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Camas,Washington, good for you, you've made a great decision. Camas is a wonderful community filled with a variety of neighborhoods, lifestyle choices and opportunities. Camas offers you quaint, small town living, lots of ne...
Guilty Pleasures - I'll show you mine if you show me yours. We all have a few guilty pleasures, don’t we?  Well, I’ve been thinking about a few of my own indulgences of late.     Breaking Bad (Past Season Catch Up) - Now on Season 3! (It’s hard to feel to good about rooting for a “Meth Cooker” an...
 Lighting up Fireworks in Clark County, Washington - Play by the rules If you’re planning on lighting up some fireworks in Clark County, Washington this week, you’d better play by the rules. The county has some pretty stringent guidelines. And since the legal week (June 28th - July 4th) to sell f...
Want to see the best fireworks display in the Portland area? Cross the Columbia River and join us for the Fort Vancouver 4th of July Fireworks Display. The fun begins early with the gates opening at 8AM. Set up your blankets and lawn chairs on the lush lawns surrounding the Fort Vancouver Nationa...
 Strawberry Pug Forever The first summer we grew strawberries (our favorites), we were very excited to see them mature and start to ripen.  But one day we started noticing little chunks were missing from a few – as if something was nibbling at them.  At first we assumed it was the birds, or perha...
The Tomato Machine- How to grow tomatoes in Clark County, Washington. (Video included) Growing an abundant crop of tomatoes can be challenging for many gardeners in our area - and especially given this Spring's unusually cool and wet weather.  Tomato plants love heat and it's optimal to have at l...
Need a little rejuvenation? Skip the spa - head outside and breathe - deeply and appreciatively. When was the last time you actually slowed down enough to think about all the little miracles that surround you?   Have you taken a moment lately to hear quiet - as in no ipods, radio or the need for ...
 Condo for sale in Salmon Creek Estates - Vancouver Washington Small home, big possibilities and perfect price! If this sounds like a winning combination, here's a good opportunity for you. Prices in the popular Salmon Creek Estates neighborhood are at historic lows - now's the time to buy!  Loca...
    Oh go fly a kite! Literally. Who doesn’t love the thrill of racing down a beach, kite string in hand and feeling the tug and pull as the wind sends your kite flying? And there’s no better place to fly a kite than Long Beach, Washington. This quaint little beach town is home to the World Kite ...

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Debb Janes and Bernie Stea have been a real estate team for over a decade in Clark County, WA, where they specialize in ViewHomes™, family estates, multi-generational living, and homes with large lots or acreage.