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Beyond high-end luxury home listings, virtual tours have struggled to find their place in the real estate business.  Some Realtors have compared virtual tours to a solution without a problem.  Of course they look really neat and can certainly get the attention of a potential buyer, but prior to t...
Have you hit a plateau in your business growth? Attempting to re-structure your business plan? Are you stressing out? Are you continuing to grow your database and develop better and closer relationships? Are you new to the industry? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, a real estate ...
Is a Real Estate Commission Negotiable? The quick response to this question is yes. As with many things, there is more to the story though. While real estate commissions are “always” negotiable, both sides of the equation have contributing factors that may influence whether a seller should pay le...
 Being a Member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) has important benefits. It is highly suggested that real estate agents, brokers, and managing brokers become members of NAR. The national dues for being a member of NAR are $150 per member in 2020. The benefits far outweigh the nomina...
Many industries are being hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Real estate is one of them. Many managing brokers are taking precautionary measures and implementing new policies due to the impact of the coronavirus on real estate. The focus is on the safety of their agents, other agents, clients,...
Can a Part-Time Realtor Be Successful in Real Estate? So you have just gotten your real estate license after passing the real estate exam first try. Now you are looking at how much time can be devoted to your new carreer. Becoming a part-time real estate agent is a viable option for many people t...
Real Estate Market DisruptorsTechnology has changed just about every facet of our lives.  From how we purchase products to how we get information to what it is to be "social" in today's' world. With closing costs, staging, agent fees, and other expenses, selling your home can cost over $10,000 ea...
Adding a Swimming Pool to your Home Summer is officially here, and so is the heat. Naturally, summer heat brings the desire to cool off, and what better way to just that than plunging into your own sparkling blue swimming pool.  Now, before turning to your real estate agent and searching for that...
Succulent Plants Benefits: Excellent Return on Investment Increases Visualization and Creates a Personal Connection Remain Current, Not Dated Great Variety Allows for Creativity Thrive in Every Section and Area of the USA and Mexico The profit in successfully staging homes is a widely accepted st...
Investing In Real Estate 101 Real Estate in the form of a rental property or a family home is the single largest investment for most people. It has been identified as one of the safest and most reliable forms of investment over long a period of time. The downside is that it involves a high entry ...

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