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Wow is this an unusual cycle. House prices are bordering on affordable again, rates are low and yet sales are still sluggish.  I think the problem is too much information.  What I mean is all of the so called prognosticators are releasing conflicting reports. House prices are down, consumer confi...
I n the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing some interesting customers. I recently lost a deal to rate whoring. But what was confusing was my competitors lower rate came with $1500 more in closing costs, yet the lower rate was only $25.00 less per month. I pointed this out to the custom...
Its amazing that Google has surpassed the $500 mark for trading. I hope some of you own shares and got rich off Google.  Now if they could just improve their Adwords system so that you can actually get qualified traffic to our websites as opposed to the looky-lou's who seem to run up my budget. F...
Mortgage bond prices were a bit more volatile last week pushing rates higher. The minutes from the last Fed meeting showed continued fears of inflation and traders remained pessimistic about any near term Fed rate reductions.For the week, interest rates on government and conventional loans were w...
Our local market is preparing for an upswing real soon. All of the numbers suggest the housing market will have a good surge by second quarter 2007 at the latest. The D.C. Metropolitan economy is very strong and is helping to stop the housing decline.  Lets face it, the decline helped to weed out...
I would be interested in some advice on what to look for in tax lien sales. My understanding is you are buying someone tax debt and then you have to offer the owner the oppurtunity to pay you back with some interest or the property becomes yours. Is this correct and what is the timeframe to let t...
I don't know about the rest of you but trying to get your name in front of people to send you business is ridiculously expensive.  I was at the NVBIA WEBSITE(Northern Virgina Builders Industry Association) and they want a minimum of $2500 to sponsor 5-6 lunch meeting where you only get a 2 minute...
New form of Marketing-InterActive kiosks in MallsOct 12, 2006 Hey everybody, I just came from a meeting about a new form of marketing and advertising.The Interactive Display Kiosk is gearing up to go nationwide. This is an amazing and cost effective way to reach new clients.  What this kiosk does...


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