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Just a late Happy New Year wish from me.  I have a good feeling about this year and I hope you do too!
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!  Have a safe and happy Holiday!
As I have mentioned before, I do alot of marketing to expired listings.  One thing that I've noticed when getting the information for these properties is the extreme lack of attention given to the multi-list postings by the Seller's Agent.  I've recently been talking to a couple who have had thei...
I just wanted to say thank you to activerain for getting me my last listing.  I didn't think about it until just recently, but during my listing presentation, I remember the sellers' eyes light up when I told them about this site and my presence on the internet (including myspace and facebook). I...
The closing went through as planned.  Working on getting all the utilities on and of course had to get a new elecrical inspection because the units haven't had electric on for over a year. One question... Why is it so freakin hard to find plumbers and electricians who aren't scam artists?  I had ...
I just signed up for this site and was wondering if anyone else here has been using this site at all, and if so, how's it been working out for you? Any other sites like this out there that are free to use?
So I found out the names of some places that I may be able to get REOs from.  However, after going to the websites of some of the mortgage companies, I had a great deal of difficulty finding out how to "apply" to receive REOs... let alone find a phone or email address to contact anyone within the...
I was looking at the replyrealestate.com site and was wondering if a pay-per-lead site like this was worth my time.  Please give me your opinion, but only if you have used a service like this before. Thanks, Dustin
Just looking for some advice here.  I've heard of agents having "parties" in their homes in order to bring prospects in and remind friends that they're in the business.  I've been considering an evening wine and tapas open house... or a lunch-break open house... what do you have to offer as ideas...
I received a call last week regarding one of the many letters I have mailed out to expired listings within my region.  The caller was a seller who was interested in finding a "better" agent to work with.  I sent the seller a CMA and an online presentation for his viewing... and of course took his...

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