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The biggest surprise in the April numbers was that the dollar volume of sales was higher than April 2010. This was not expected, because the First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit deadline of April 30, 2010, created a huge bonanza of sales all across the country, including in our own Metro area. In add...
The little cluster of homes in the shadow of the National Zoo on the 1600 to 1800 blocks of Harvard and Hobart is one of the most stable and desirable areas of the city. Even in down markets it’s held its value, often attracting multiple offers when homes have sold.      Washington is the richest...
Soon, the Federal Housing Administration will be reducing one of its benefits for buyers using FHA financing. It's been annonce that sometime later this summer, the agency will reduce the maximum seller consessions allowed. These guidelines have provided a negotiating tool to help many a buyer wh...
The architect and his paralegal love bunny bought an Adams Morgan rowhouse as a shell ten years ago. He redesigned the interior and renovated it into an inviting home where the two could entertain friends and family. It served them well and the renovation received plenty of acclaim, starring in a...
We’re living among the shrouds. Our entire first floor but for the kitchen and one small table is covered in plaster-dusted plastic tarp. Sofas are tucked under the dining room table, chairs stacked, electrical equipment stored under the piano. All this to bring the rest of our 1942 home into the...
I became quite perturbed when I phoned a friend at his office recently. His new assistant answered and demanded to know who I was and why I was calling, the implication being that she didn’t want to bother the big man with frivolous and unnecessary intrusion by nobodies. The “Why”I was calling wa...
Last summer, I posted a blog on AR called You Just Never Know... in which I told about an open I held a few years ago. It was a super-cool, half-million-dollar condo. I had a large turnout that day. One of the lookers was an unshaven 17-year-old in flip-flops, torn jeans and a t-shirt who shamble...
One of the things I love about being a realtor in our Nation's Capital is the diversity of cultures and people I've had the opportunity to work with. With all the embassies, chancelleries, trade missions, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations centered i...
I've been on HGTV's show "Get It Sold" a couple of times and apparently wasn't too dorky, so they recently asked be to be a "featured agent." Now, being a "featured agent" means that I appear to be the agent a homeowner chooses from several to list his or her property, one that has been on the ma...
Like many of you, I've been finding some buyers to be pulling back from their searches because of their perceptions of this financial environment, so when I received the email below, I developed an answer that I hope will encourage him.> Ed, thanks for all the information you're sending. That lis...

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