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Serving all of the Portland Metro and outlying areas for over 13 years. We serve buyers and sellers ranging from first time homebuyers, to captains of industry.
  The root cause of ice damming is heat from the home escaping into the attic. When you control the heat, you control the ice dam. Here are three ways you can control the heat in the attic: Air seal the attic from the house: Bathroom vents, recessed light fixtures and plumbing stacks are all pot...
Ice dams are large build-ups of ice, the most visible manifestation being found at the bottom edge of the roof and gutters as icicles. A small amount of ice may not cause an immediate problem, but if the ice continues to build up, it will block the water flow down the roof, causing water to back...
With a few inexpensive household items, you can avoid a costly visit from the plumber by clearing drain clogs yourself. Using cola..Pour 3 cups of warm cola down your drain and let it sit overnight; the citric acid in the soda will break up any buildup in your pipes. In the morning, run hot wate...
Wood floors come in a variety of materials. When it comes to choosing the best floor for your needs, consider the room it will be used in, the subfloor/existing floor, preferable design and cost. Solid Hardwood Floor lasts the longest and can go through many refinishing cycles. Hardwood is an ex...
Every winter homeowners turn to supplemental heat sources such as gas fireplaces, generators, space heaters, wood stoves and kerosene heaters to reduce home utility costs and stay warm. When using a supplemental heat source to save energy and money this winter, keep safety top of mind to prevent...
R-value measures heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation R-value measurements are subject to a fair amount of ridicule, especially by marketers of radiant barriers. As it turns out, however, the ridicule is mostly unwarranted. R-value is a measure of a material's resistance to heat...
Common heating problems solved!Are you turning up your thermostat - and your energy bills - but still feeling cold? We've created a special checklist just for you to help identify the cause as well as some simple low-cost and no-cost solutions. You'll feel cozier and save energy. Many of these ea...
With Black Friday behind us, it's time for my annual Christmas shopping list - ideas for energy-saving and green living gifts this holiday season. Most of these products can be purchased locally - benefiting the local economy. Discounts may be available for both in-store and online purchases. Con...
Q: We need to install a drain system on an existing home. The recommendations we've gotten have all advised a drain system inside the basement, not outside. I have always thought that outside drain systems were more effective. What is the best way to go? A: For an existing home with a wet basemen...
For al you tech/phone/geeks like me you'lll like this:   Realtor.com Launches Android Real Estate Search Application | RISMedia - http://bit.ly/9x2qZX

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Serving all of the Portland Metro and outlying areas for over 13 years. We serve buyers and sellers ranging from first time homebuyers, to captains of industry.