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Serving all of the Portland Metro and outlying areas for over 13 years. We serve buyers and sellers ranging from first time homebuyers, to captains of industry.
Q- On cold days when I leave home, won’t it save more energy if I turn off the heat completely versus just turning it down? Yes, turning your heat completely off saves more energy than turning it down. But we recommend 60 degrees as an energy-saving setback at bedtime or when you’re away from hom...
Trees are dormant, but power lines are live — look up! Gardeners are already looking out at their yards and plotting their moves for the new year. First up on the to-do list? Pruning. Now through late February is generally a good time for pruning because trees are dormant. If you’re thinking abou...
How to choose, how to use, how to stay safe. Electric space heaters can be a handy way to warm up a room without turning up the heat for your whole house. To help you keep costs under control and keep safe, we’ve put together this space heater guide. How to use a space heater efficientlyEven thou...
Bye-bye, energy wasters. Hello, savings! Did you know that up to 90 percent of the energy used by an incandescent light bulb produces heat instead of light? Congress has delayed enforcement of the planned phaseout of these watt-guzzlers that were slated to the way of the buggy whip. (You can read...
Learn what can make winter bills jump up — and how you can save. Did your energy usage go up this month, and you’re wondering why? Here are a few things that can trigger a high bill this time of year and solutions to help you save Trigger: Increased heating, including space heaters, due to colder...
Holiday Safety Tip Add safety checks to your holiday to-do list. Consider Carbon Monoxide (CO) Incomplete combustion of natural gas produces carbon monoxide (CO), which is an odorless, poisonous and potentially fatal gas. If you or other members of your household feel out of breath, dizzy, nauseo...
Question: When cooking, does starting with hot water save more energy than starting with cold? Answer: You should only use cold water for cooking. Water boils at 212 degrees F. So, if you start with hot tap water (120 degrees F, if you keep your water heater set to an energy-efficient setting), i...
Severe weather can damage power lines and cause outages — use this checklist to make sure you’re prepared. Every household should have an emergency kit tucked into a cupboard in case of a power outage. Your kit should contain: Flashlight Battery-powered radio, or a wind-up or solar-powered radio/...
I'm glad you asked that question, since winter is on its way. Some people find portable generators to be a handy backup power source if a major storm causes widespread power outages. But generators can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Here are some key rules to keep you safe: Take the time to re...
If you need to have your gas service turned off, call NW Natural and a technician will provide the service for you. However, should a situation arise where you need to turn off your gas supply immediately, please follow this simple procedure: Locate the shutoff valve on the riser pipe from the gr...

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Serving all of the Portland Metro and outlying areas for over 13 years. We serve buyers and sellers ranging from first time homebuyers, to captains of industry.