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I feel all the antics and showmanship are unnecessary. 1. Take care of all your current clients. If you do this you will get referrals. 2. When you go to the referred persons house for the listing appointment just be yourself but be sure to bring a proper sellers services presentation so they know what you ans your company offer. 3. Be confident but don't try to oversell yourself. 4. Do not disparage the competition. You can be the best without bringing the others down. 5. come prepared with everything you need should they want you to list immediately. 6. Professional secret. I can't tell you.
Open Letter to all Veterans of the US Military  Update:  With Veterans Day upon us for 2017 I was reminded by Joan Cox that this post I did for Memorial Day might even be more relevant on the 11th November, Veterans Day as I speak of those still living with the Secret Scars of War as well as thos...
Open Letter to all Veterans of the US Military Thank you for your service.  Whether you volunteered or were a reluctant draftee; whether you were honorably discharged after 2 years active or 8 years or 48 years; whether you gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in service to your country or return...
This Homeowner blog tip: Working for a dry basement. There are many ways water/moisture can get into your basement. This is a blog with helpful tips and is not meant to be a blueprint to having a perfectly dry basement.Update!!  April 2019 - With the heavy snowfall this year in the NE, and the no...
We all sell condos, townhouses, carriage houses and other properties that have bylaws and rules & regulations that govern the association. In Vermont we have a contingency that the Buyer receive, read and approve all the docs and resale certificate if it is a condo.  The painful truth is that ver...
Sounds weird however after 9 hours with out of state buyer clients showing condos for a second home in Burlington, Vermont I was ready for dinner. When I got home I asked my wife if she would like to go to the Tavern for dinner. Well SURE!  We went down the road to the "Town Tavern" ,  a nice loc...
That was a great line in the “Field of Dreams” but it holds doubly true in real estate developments. It is harder to sell a concept on a map than something you can feel. I have always said to my developer associates “turn over some soil, pour some concrete and get the spruce up” People need to se...
In the real estate and real estate support industry we see both extremes and everything in between. From the 1820 Garrison Brick Colonial that has original windows and little if any insulation to the Leeds certified 5 star plus energy efficient new builds that are going up in all climates.  Yes, ...
Well I had posted a blog back in April about "Wine Cellar or No Wine Cellar... That is the question"  Back then I was actually considering selling the components on my wine cellar (that I had brought over from a previous house I had sold because the buyer would have rather it be a closet) and usi...
I'll tell you why!   It’s not to protect our new Audi, or our youngest child's beater of a car or our late model luxury car as much as it is to protect our neighbors, our fellow townspeople and any other drivers that could be involved in a collision with us. It could be a tourist, our pharmacist,...
This was a question put to me from my Principal Broker during our yearly session for my business plan.  At first I thought it was a goofy question as It can be embarrassing to talk about the qualities that set you apart. Right? My answer was passion; two passions.  Passion #1 The passion to help ...

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