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Real Estate Agent - Munguia Group (Keller Williams Dallas Metro North)
Real Estate information for buyers and sellers in Coppell and throughout North Texas.
North Texas Dream Homes - Expert Advisor   OK, maybe you're starting to get tired of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos that have popped up all over.  Maybe you haven't been challenged yet, and you're afraid you may be next?     Well, I have two personal connections with ALS, a terrible, debilit...
www.CoppellRealEstateExpert.com   The Coppell, Texas real estate market is in a state of flux.  Home sales in Coppell are down slightly from last year (about 7.2% fewer homes sold through the end of July when compared to 2013).  But, the median sold price has risen by 5.6%.   Even more intriguing...
http://www.CoppellRealEstateExpert.com   Thousands of people are moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex every month as many corporations are choosing to call this area home.  While there are many great communities in the area,  Coppell shines like a shiny jewel!     While there are many homes ...
From David Bell, Coppell Real Estate Agent and Certified Home Selling Advisor Coppell News Brief Progress is continuing in the City of Coppell. As many in the Lakes of Coppell are well aware, the southeast corner of Sandy Lake and MacArthur has had a mostly vacant shopping center building for nea...
Homes For Sale in Coppell Between $100K and $300K Many people think Coppell only has very expensive homes.   Afterall, the Coppell ISD is a very highly thought of school district.   Coppell has beautiful parks, landscaping, and trees.     Coppell has many gorgeous neighborhoods.   Coppell has hig...
Coppell Real Estate Expert If you do much driving around the Coppell area, chances are you've seen (or will see) the car with the Keller Williams "E-PRO" plates.  And, you're probably wondering, who is this guy, and what's up with this E-PRO thing?   Well, that guy obviously is me!  And it's safe...
Coppell Real Estate Expert Upcoming this week is the Coppell City Council meeting with three newly elected members and one re-elected member being sworn in.  The meeting will be in the council chambers at Town Center in Coppell on Tuesday May 27.  Here is a summary of what is on the agenda: 5:30 ...
Coppell Real Estate Expert   Memorial Day is tomorrow, the school year is coming to a close, and summer time is fast approaching!  Wouldn't it be great to find your new dream home with your very own refreshing and relaxing swimming pool?  And, to find that dream home in your dream location of Cop...
Coppell Real Estate Expert   "Coppell Texas Just Doesn't Have Any Affordable Housing"!  "Young adults just out of college can't afford to buy a home in Coppell"!   Over the past 6 months or so, I've heard comments similar to these coming from some of our political leaders in Coppell.  These leade...
Coppell Real Estate Expert   "I hear that we are in a "seller's market", and I think the home down the street sold pretty quickly.  They said they got a really good price.  I wonder what I could get for MY home?"   You don't have to wonder anymore!  Receive a free, no obligation custom evaluation...

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Real Estate information for buyers and sellers in Coppell and throughout North Texas.