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In 2009 Sugar Land greatly improved. Some of the accomplishments in 2009 include:                   RiverPark sub division became part of Sugar Land.  This included the addition of 3,592 residents to Sugar Land. Minute Maid moved it's corporate headquarters to Sugar Land.  A dog park was opened a...
This morning HUD has announced the changes to FHA loans.  Here is the abbreviated version highlighting what will affect you.  The MIP also called upfront MI is now 2.25% up .5% from the current 1.75%.  This goes into affect in spring Seller contribution toward closing costs will be reduced to 3%....
This is a great explanation for why rates will go up in April. Lonnie Glessner recently posted this blog and i wanted to pass along this information.  The number one reason to buy a home right now may surprise you. The number one reason to buy a home now is NOT that the first time home buyer tax...
With FHA following the HVCC process, they have put into affect guidelines on when a second appraisal can be ordered.  This is for clients that switch from one lender to another.  Here they are: 1. The first appraisal has errors or is incomplete 2. The appraiser on the 1st appraisal is 'banned" or...
I am sure you are familiar with a Repair Escrow Holdback.  But, just as a refresher.  It is when the title company holds "money" for repairs needed on a home that has closed.  You might be asking how does this help me sell homes, well here are my thoughts.  But first lets discuss the highlights o...
In the past appraisers completed appraisals based on what their opinion of the value was.  Since their customer was a Mortgage Professional they also tried to always make the value work for the client if they could.  Now with the addition of HVCC for conventional loans and FHA following this same...
I am coming to you today, because I need your opinion.  The topic is Branding vs Marketing.  I feel that sometimes these two words become inter changeable.  I don't think this is right.  Here are the different opinions/explanations I have thought of or heard:   "Branding is just getting your name...

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