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Real Estate Agent - Healdsburg Sotheby's International Realty
Sonoma County real estate agent. Healdsburg Sotheby's associate with interests in architecture, green building, classic fixers, and country property. Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Russian River Valley Vineyard specialist with wine country estates as a particular specialty. Dave can also help find the perfect weekend getaway or river front cottage.
Mustard in the Wine Country When I say mustard, most people probably think of French's yellow mustard or maybe the foodies among you are thinking Grey Poupon or Beaver's Sweet and Spicy mustard. Well, those are all grand and wonderful products, but I was talking about the raw material for all of ...
ZipForm Fails Spelling Test. I like spell checking for catching typos. Even the best of spellers can hit the wrong key accidentally from time to time. I was generating a new contract in Zipform this morning. I decided to try the spell checking feature that I hadn't noticed before and was surprise...
Some days are just flat out better than others. I'll take the summery days we get in January and stack them up against anybody's idea of a great day. Yesterday was warm, clear and sunny, and shared with fun clients on their country property. It's hard to imagine snow and terrible weather from he...
Blocking Handicap Spaces I may be more sensitized to access to disabled parking spaces than most. Thanks to Richard Llewellyn I understand the importance of keeping these blue-painted spaces clear for people who need room to get in and out of cars and vans conveniently close to building entrances...
  You don't have to dig through too many office closets before you turn up an old multiple listing service books. These relics of a paper-intensive selling process are also a reminder that the marketing aspecd of our business has come a long way. Today's widespread internet availability of almos...
REO sales in Sonoma County have continued at a brisk pace all year. The last four months have all had at least 100 sales of REO properties, with no apparent fall off in sales volume for the normally slower winter months. I wrote about this on my reo.sonoma.net blog earlier today. I have followed ...
If you want to play with census data, this is your chance. The New York Times has put together an intereactive mapping tool to explore where people live. Your neighborhoods may be more or less diverse than elsewhere, but it's an interesting way to see the patterns of segregation and clustering ar...
Short sales are my least favorite transaction type, but the property the client wants is the one you have to pursue. I'm working on a sale that started in September as a normal, open market transaction that moved into short sale status with our offer below listing price. The sellers reluctantly a...
I'm not showing you the lovely purple fruits, but I may stick them into a photo in the comments after people have a chance to guess at this succulent treasure. You'll have to take your best shot with just this close up image taken a few days ago in the Dry Creek Valley.
Marin County is home to some beautiful real estate. Owners fight to keep their properties as long as they can, but nobody is immune to layoffs, down-sizing, health concerns, or any of the other issues that make income loss so painful. Just like the hard hit areas in California's Central Valley, L...

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Real estate and green building information for Sonoma County California with an emphasis on Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Forestville, Guerneville, Graton, and the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley. and Alexander Valley.I write a lot about REO property, fixers, luxury estate homes, and vineyard property. I love to analyze sales trends.