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Maybe you have heard the news, maybe you have not...Seller funded Down Payment Assistance is scheduled to "exit stage left"on October 1st of this year. Depending on your market, you may think this may not affect you. Guess again. This travesty will continue to effect the downward spiral in the ho...
Calling all loan officers!!! Are there any stated income loans you have done  past 6 weeks?  6 months??  Is stated income dead as we know it? I am in an interesting area where the spectrum of people range from upper middle-class to immigrants searching for homes.  Many brokers are having a diffic...
As I learn more about this industry & profession I have joined with my colleagues here on AR, the more encouraging it is to see how many programs & offers of assistance are available to our clients.  The Nehemiah Program is one of those programs available to lower to middle income buyers looking ...
Well, here I am.  How does that saying go, "wherever you go, there you are???".  This is my first blogging experience as an AR member & I have just started out with Equity Mortgage, LLC as a (drumroll, please) Loan Officer.  This company is offering a great opportunity for growth & I can't wait t...

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