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There is a lot of talk about the housing market in Charlotte, NC. and whether it is improving or if this is a smoke screen. Being one of the largest metro areas in the United States and one of the fastest growing this trend plays a vital impact on home sellers and home buyers alike. So I decided ...
In this ever changing market in the Charlotte, NC. area the one variable that seems to be the unknown variable with all transactions is the appraisal. Yes, we have seen an uptick in pricing in Charlotte, NC. since last year. Depending on where you are looking to buy a home it can be anywhere from...
Monday marks the day we honor our fallen soldiers and countrymen who gave their lives so that we enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have today. Graves throughout the country today will be honored with an American flag honoring those men and women who gave so much for us. Parts of the country hos...
This week Coldwell Banker has written a series of blog posts in commemoration of first time home buyer week. They have written some great articles and provided the general public with lots of information to help them along buying a home. You can visit the blogs posted about it at blog.coldwellban...
Can you negotiate the home purchase with a seller without raising the price and still work out a deal with them? This was a question posed to me by a buyer where we were at the maximum we could go on the loan amount and they wanted the house. The answer is YES. There are other variables the selle...
This week Coldwell Banker is writing a series of articles on First Time Home buying. You can find them at #firsthome on their corporate website. So, in conjunction with them I decided to write with them and give my take on the first time home buying experience as well. The first in their series i...
The question has become more predominant this spring than ever before. Should I overpay for a house because of the shortage of homes on the market to choose from right now. My answer has been and will always be NO. I cannot justify anytime where overpaying for a house is a viable option. Currentl...
A fact everyone has been hearing about Charlotte NC. home prices increasing was substantiated by Standards and Poor Case Schiller Home price index. For those unfamiliar with Case Schiller it is considered the leading measure of home prices and values and tracks the major 20 metro markets in the c...
As the pendulum has started it' shift toward the sellers; home owners in Charlotte, NC area are deciding on whether to put their homes on the market or to wait it out. Some home owners have been waiting it out on the hopes of the market improving and feel the time is right with inventory levels ...
Buying a home is the largest single purchase any of us will ever do in our lifetime. So, whether it is your first house or your seventh house there is a natural tendency among us to question are we making the right decision now. Being on both ends of this I can tell you that there is no clear cut...

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